Tell Us About ‘The Tall Owl’

Colum has a lot to say about ‘The Tall Owl’. In this video, we learn that the title piece tells the story of Amy, who is being picked up from a secure unit in a hospital by her uncle to see her dying grandmother. During the tale, she sees a tall owl, which obviously isn’t real, as you will hear from the extract Colum reads out. Look at the fantastic artwork which accompanies the short story, while listening to an explanation of the artist’s background.

The artwork for ‘The Tall Owl’.

The artist’s name is Seth Oliver. Find him on Twitter @DadiSeth and at

The Tall Owl Q&A Video Series with Colum Sanson-Regan

In this Q&A video series with Colum Sanson-Regan, we discover more about his book, The Tall Owl and Other Stories. As the name suggests, this is a collection of short stories. As part of this, we get to take a look at the fantastic accompanying artwork.

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  2. Captivating Stories, Beautiful Art: A Match Made in Heaven
  3. ‘You only come in here if you live here’ | The Tall Owl
  4. ‘We do need the final shot’ | Cut, The Tall Owl (coming soon)
  5. ‘Welcome to Hotel Argo’ | The Tall Owl (coming soon)
  6. ‘She heard the giant’s growl outside’ | Born in a Fire, The Tall Owl (coming soon)
  7. The Tall Owl – the Launch Reboot (coming soon)

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