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What is a Green Office?

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As businesses try to become more environmentally friendly there has been more emphasis on making sure that offices conserve energy, reduce pollution and create a healthy environment. The concept of a ‘green office’ first became popular in the 1970s when the price of oil rose and businesses started to look for more sustainable solutions.

How can I make my office greener?

Anyone can start a green initiative in their place of work. Here are some simple tips that Wordcatcher Publishing use:

  1. Turn off computers. Studies from the Royal Holloway University of London have found that turning computers off over lunch breaks can lead to a 14% reduction in energy use.
  2. Improve your lighting. LEDs use 90% less energy than halogen bulbs and businesses can become even more sustainable by painting the walls with light colours to maximise daylight and using motion sensors to ensure that electricity is not wasted.
  3. Be careful about paper use. The average office worker prints 1584 sheets of paper a month. This is a huge waste, even if the office is using FSC paper [insert link to other article]. Instead companies need to try and focus on using digital alternatives to paper.
  4. Recycle. Almost 80% of UK businesses are not recycling effectively which is causing huge amounts of waste to go to landfill. Make sure that recycling bins are easy to find and clearly labelled.
  5. Reuse. Equipping the staff kitchen with reusable coffee cups and cutlery will help massively reduce employees’ use of single use plastics.

What is Green Purchasing?

Green purchasing is the idea that businesses and individuals shouldn’t just think about the environmental impact of their own actions but consider the impact of the items which they buy. Examples of green purchasing include using renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

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What is a Green Office?

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