What Is the Value of Community Writing and Arts Projects?


Colum has spent considerable time working on community writing and arts projects, helping give a voice to the elderly and vulnerable who are so often ignored by society. These are projects Sanson-Regan believes in completely, which is why he argues that ‘they should be mandatory’ everywhere. This way, we can work to build a happier, more inclusive society.

Biographical Q&A Video Series with Colum Sanson-Regan

In this Q&A video series with Colum Sanson-Regan, we learn about Colum’s background, his love of writing and his inspirations.

  1. Too Much for My Teacher!
  2. Painters, Musicians and Authors: My Inspiration
  3. Lockdown Before Lockdown Was a Word We Knew
  4. From Student Writer to Uni Lecturer
  5. Uncovering Talent in Your Local Community

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