What a beautiful read!  5 stars. A salute to the power of English when used by a master Craftsman.  His dense, economic use of the language coupled with insightful observations of the inner lives of the two main characters are a joy to experience.

The author is writing for adults. No superficial broad-brush character painting; no cliches, just tight language from the pen of a genius.
The plot is a simple one, in which the main players’ lives are explored in great depth and amazing richness. Perhaps the use of such a simple plot allows the necessary space for such exploration.

It was published in 1922, following his very successful debut novel This Side of Paradise. It is the story of Harvard student Anthony Patch and his beautiful wife, Gloria. Waiting to inherit his father’s fortune, they go on a crazed, alcohol-fuelled binge within the nouveau riches of New York, descending to the depths and rising to the heights. We follow them as their marriage is strained by the hedonistic lifestyle on which they have embarked.This is one of Scott Fitzgerald’s finest works, one which assured his place in the pantheon of great American authors. A read that will thrill and definitely not disappoint.

The Beautiful and the Damned is published by Wordsworth Classics, available on Amazon

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