This is one of my desert island choices. Lawrence succeeded where armies failed. A diminutive Welshman who led an Amy of thousands of arabs in their revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War, he so deeply embedded himself into tribal life that he won their admiration as a true friend.

Archaeologist, diplomat, multi-linguist and writer he had no training whatsoever in war, but succeeded in highly ambitious guerrilla raids all across Palestine and Sinai.

His advice was sought at the highest political level, only to be ignored when redrawing the map of Arabia by using straight lines on a map rather than following traditional tribal boundaries. The arabs placed their faith in him, only for politicians to ignore the sacred oaths that had been made. That treachery we are paying for still.

His book was published in the year of his death in 1935 from a motorcycle accident.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom is available on Amazon

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