To Workshop, or Not? by Ann Brady

to workshop ot not ann brady

I am sure many a writer has those moments when they ask themselves ‘should I do a workshop?’ The answer is of course yes – you should, no matter what level or expertise your writing is at. “What?” I hear those long-term writers saying, “Why should I do a workshop? After all, I’m published and […]

The Importance of Categorisation in Publishing by Ellie Adams


The categorisation of your work may be something you haven’t given all that much thought to as an author. After all, beyond knowing which basic genre and sub-genre you have chosen to write in, most writers will have seen no need in delving into the more technical side of publishing, myself included. However, after doing […]

Places to Write When You’re Fed Up with Working at Home by Ann Brady


Do you ever get cabin fever? If you’re a full-time author, I bet you get fed up with working at home and want to find other places to write in. Here are five suggestions you might find interesting as alternatives. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and about! 1. Libraries This one is […]

Some Ridiculously Simple Tips for Writing a Book by Ann Brady

Writing advice by Ann Brady

As an author and mentor, people often ask me, “How do you get published?” Now to me, that’s the wrong question. The hard part for most writers, despite what we say, isn’t getting published. After all, there are many opportunities these days to become a published author. No, it’s not the publishing part we struggle […]