Of course, the workhouse system did not last forever. People like Charles Dickens wrote of the terrible conditions they saw, and philosophers and social scientists like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Thomas Carlyle rallied against it. So too did the Chartists! Therefore, by the end of the nineteenth century, we saw the beginnings of our National Health Service, as medicine and science helped alleviate some of the worst suffering in Britain’s towns and cities.

Workhouse Video Series with Ray Noyes

In this Q&A video series with Ray Noyes, we find out about his upcoming book, Workhouse, and the terrible truths he discovered while researching for it. What were the workhouses? Who lived in them? What were the harsh realities that awaited within? This is a true story about social injustice in Britain.

  1. 4 Differences Between Workhouses and Poorhouses
  2. Yes, the Workhouse Really Was as You Imagine
  3. The Shocking Truth About the Rich’s Attitude to the Poor
  4. Babies Stripped from Their Mothers at Birth!
  5. Finally, a Book Exploring the Social Causes of Workhouses
  6. Workhouse, by Ray Noyes | Ebook Publication Day
  7. Punishment Fit for the ‘Crime’ of Being Poor?
  8. Living Hell vs Care: Workhouse Meets Poorhouse
  9. ‘Private Enterprise in Social Affairs’: 1800s Echoes from the Past
  10. Surprising Legacies of the Workhouse
  11. Workhouse, by Ray Noyes | Print Publication Day (coming soon)

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