This form is not for unsolicited submissions. Only complete this if you have been invited to do so by us. We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at present, and they will be rejected without a reply – please do not waste both of our time.

Please provide phone number(s) we can contact you on.
Please describe the classification of your book, being as specific as possible. For suggestions, check the classifications of other books you would expect to see yours listed against. Also, list keywords that can help to describe your work.
It is essential that you complete a 250-800 word description of your book. This will be edited, but it is essential for the back cover and/or the description section of your title. Be descriptive, don't simply ask lots of questions, and use this opportunity to sell the idea of your book to us and readers.
It's vital that you follow this protocol for naming files: My Book Title v1 XX.docx, where XX are your initials. If you are sending accompanying files (e.g. images), follow a logical naming convention to avoid files getting mislaid. We handle a large number of files and it makes everyone's job easier if files are consistently named. ALWAYS KEEP COPIES OF ALL FILES YOU SEND.
What brought you to Wordcatcher Publishing, and why do you want to work with us?
What makes your work stand out in a world where there are lots of people who want to publish, and lots of books.
Please list all activities and personal website(s)/social media accounts on which you are active. Marketing is a collaboration, and we both play a part. We are keen to work with authors who can demonstrate awareness of promotion, and a willingness to market their own work. WE DO NOT HAVE A MARKETING BUDGET FOR EVERY TITLE, WE PROMOTE BOOKS MORE GENERALLY. PLEASE STATE HOW MUCH YOU ARE PREPARED TO SPEND ON MARKETING YOUR WORK.
Let us know if there's more to come - whether it's linked to this book or completely different. We like working with prolific authors, so tell us more. We are also willing to look at your backlist titles where authors have the rights to re-publish. This adds to your catalogue with us, and more opportunities to cross-sell your work.
We do not accept all submissions, so if there is anything further you want to say to help us to make a decision, here's your chance!