Not interested in the traditional publishing model?

Would you prefer to retain more control over the publishing process and simply buy the expertise you need?

We don’t offer packages: every book is different and every author has different objectives and requirements. We don’t take on every project as quality is important in everything we do, and we don’t just make books because people pay us.

Auxillium Press is the imprint most likely to be used for assisted publishing projects where we do not have significant book cover design or editorial input. We like helping people to make books, and Auxillium Press is still a mark of our commitment to quality and support of authors desiring control over publications.

We provide services to self-published authors who want to publish in their own name, but need a little help in certain areas, such as editorial, typesetting, cover design, file conversion, etc.

We can also provide a white-label publishing solution to other small presses that want to publish in their own name, but need backup behind the scenes.

Please select what you require using the drop-down options, and use the free-form boxes to give more details. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our quote for services will be.