Elizabeth Stride (photos in death, above) was a prostitute. An alleged victim of Jack the Ripper. We know that Mary Jane Kelly (another victim) told people she became a prostitute in Cardiff (story in a Cruel Streets book). We also know that Cardiff was a centre for spiritualism and seances in the 1880s. (Why Shoot David Thomas? – The book has a chapter in it on Cardiff seances). We also know that many a seances took place at St Mary St and Windsor Place. This is one of the strangest.

It is 1888, a few months after the Stride atrocity, and a group of women were holding a Cardiff seance when they were all stopped in their tracks by a visitation. Elizabeth Stride appeared to the all female attendees (whom media called witches) and told them that she was murdered by a middle aged man, who was part of a larger group of men. He was living in Commercial Rd or Street and they gave a name of the murderer to the police in Cardiff who apparently telegraphed the information to London. This is strange as it follows a pattern.

When spiritualists met in Cardiff in 1896 they gave the name of the murderer of David Thomas (Why Shoot David Thomas?) to the police. The media had watched the 19 year old woman shout that very name out loud, yet in the papers where the name should have appeared was a blank space.

Elizabeth Stride aged 16.

The Stride spirit visitation probably took place at a St Mary St. space which was a favourite haunt of one of the most famous of spiritualists, Satanella. All the women in the seance saw the ghost of Elizabeth Stride and heard her tell them Jack the Ripper’s real name. What that name was, however, is lost in Cardiff’s ghostly past.  

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