What inspires you to write?

I can’t not write these days, it is as necessary as breathing. I get inspired by all kinds of things. I like to write about love and womanhood. I am currently working on two poetry collections and my dissertation for Cardiff Metropolitan University. Never one to take the easy route, my dissertation is a 7k word poem.

How long have you been writing?

I wrote stories as soon as I could write and before that I told them. I went back to actually doing it consciously though when I got together with my husband. He is a fantastic writer and he really encouraged me to give it another go after having my confidence knocked for years. He and our daughter person, Noah, who is an amazing artist, supported me in applying for university and the rest is history. Consciously, I have been at it for around 3 years.

Do you write for a living or is it a hobby? If it’s a hobby, what do you do for a living?

I would love to write exclusively for a living but I’m not quite there yet. Hopefully, now I have a publisher that will change. I am a full-time student, and to pay the bills I do phone sex work and sell my underwear on the internet. I am a total cliché, I know!

What is your latest work?

Duct Tape and Daddy Issues is a memoir on my phone sex work. Candid, honest and funny, it is a no holds barred look at sexuality, men and the things they are into. It is not sensationalised though; you will find out who got covered in sunflower oil and why, but you will also find out why sex work is real work and how the idea of there being no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism fits in with that.

Who would most enjoy reading your book and why?

It isn’t for children for sure! My audience is quite varied; it will appeal to anyone who likes to laugh and to learn about what Macro/Micro is. It was an eye opener to me for sure. I have had feedback from gay men, 90-year-old women and everyone in between.

How long did your book take you to write?

I wrote it in between calls over a summer. It took me about two weeks to edit and tidy up. Sometimes these things just flow.

Where do you recommend readers purchase your book from?

One of the things I love about being a Wordcatcher author is that my book is available in other places than Amazon. I was very chuffed that it was on Foyles. Sounds very posh, doesn’t it? But if you want it quickly, Amazon is the place to get it.

What social media accounts could potential readers follow?

My Facebook page is “Dee Dickens Poet and Author”. My Twitter is @thepontypoet. My website is deedickens.wordpress.com. I also have a YouTube channel.

Thank you ever so much for your time Dee, all the best for your next writing project 😊
D. E. Kendall


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