There were two types of punishment in use in workhouses, often used just for the (non-) crime of being poor. These are explicit and implicit punishments. The explicit punishments were openly cruel, such as the denial of food and use of cold water plunge baths. These techniques were lifted directly from prisons. More subtle, hidden kinds of punishment included backroom deals with greengrocers to purchase discarded produce, meaning the guardians could pocket the difference between the cost of this and that of decent food.

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Workhouse Video Series with Ray Noyes

In this Q&A video series with Ray Noyes, we find out about his upcoming book, Workhouse, and the terrible truths he discovered while researching for it. What were the workhouses? Who lived in them? What were the harsh realities that awaited within? This is a true story about social injustice in Britain.

  1. 4 Differences Between Workhouses and Poorhouses
  2. Yes, the Workhouse Really Was as You Imagine
  3. The Shocking Truth About the Rich’s Attitude to the Poor
  4. Babies Stripped from Their Mothers at Birth!
  5. Finally, a Book Exploring the Social Causes of Workhouses
  6. Workhouse, by Ray Noyes | Ebook Publication Day
  7. Punishment Fit for the ‘Crime’ of Being Poor?
  8. Living Hell vs Care: Workhouse Meets Poorhouse (coming soon)
  9. ‘Private Enterprise in Social Affairs’: 1800s Echoes from the Past (coming soon)
  10. Surprising Legacies of the Workhouse (coming soon)
  11. Workhouse, by Ray Noyes | Print Publication Day (coming soon)

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