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Everything you need to get your book published
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Publishing Complete

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Genre-Specific Publishing Packages

We have experience in a number of specific genres, and we’ve developed series that your book can be a part of. This means you’ll benefit from cross-promotion with titles in the same genre, and be a part of our general marketing activities to promote these genres. Purchasing one of these packages will also give you access to additional information and services either free or at discounted rates.


Wordcatcher Modern Poetry Series
£ 495

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We have more than 50 titles in the Poetry Series. Variations to standard product specifications are available on request at additional cost.

Children’s Picture Books

Published as Onion Custard Kids
£ 1,695

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We have a range of options for children’s picture books.


Creative Portfolio Series for Artists, Photographers, etc
£ 295

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We have more than 15 titles in the Creative Portfolio Series. Variations to standard product specifications are available on request at additional cost.

Publishing Essentials

All of our packages include essential publishing services as standard, including:

Book Marketing

There’s little chance of you selling your book if you don’t do any marketing. before publication, you need to carefully consider what resources you have to spend on marketing, and where to concentrate your efforts.

Wordcatcher Publishing spends money on advertising and building audiences, but we don’t commit a set amount for every title. We might feature your book in an advertising campaign, but we can’t guarantee it. Working together, we can build audiences around the genres we publish, and we are developing our Facebook Groups and Pages, Twitter, YouTube, and many other channels. There are so many ways of marketing yourself and your book, we can’t cover everything, but we can offer you advice and signpost you to services we think will help.

We can offer managed campaigns for:

We will soon be offering a further range of services for video and article marketing.

We already welcome guest posting on the Wordcatcher site.

There will be a Speaker Bureau, where you can advertise your services as a speaker, and further opportunities to offer your own expertise to other authors via courses, products, and services in our marketplace.

Training, Education, and Author Development

We are developing an online platform to deliver additional products and services. This is due to launch in the summer and will include a wealth of information to help you to develop your craft as an author and your skills in selling your book.

If you purchase any of the packages above we will include a year’s free membership of this resource, with access to an increasing number of courses, products and services either free, or at discounted rates. We want you to succeed, and these tools are designed to help you do just that.

Your Questions Answered

Do you publish everything you receive?

The simple answer is no. We will decline publishing titles where we do not think it is in the best interest of the author at the time of submission. When we know what the intended goals of the author are, we can assess whether we believe the book will meet those goals. For example, someone wanting to write and publish a book for personal reasons and not to sell publicly has different criteria to someone who wants to release a best-seller and earn a living from writing. If we discuss your needs we can identify whether they can be realistically met, based on the manuscript you submit. This is obviously a subjective opinion, but it is drawn upon our experience. as we are a small business we have to prioritise our time, and we want to stand by every book we publish.

I see editing isn’t always included, how much does that cost?

We highly recommend you getting professional editing and proofreading of your title. We will not automatically publish a book just because someone is paying – we expect a high standard in every manuscript we accept. We can make recommendations for editors and proofreaders you can work with direct, or we can arrange for the work to be carried out and manage the process. Costs vary, but we recommend you visit the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP) for typical rates.

How long will it take to see my book in print?

Under normal circumstances we’d expect to turn a book around in a matter of months. However, due to the current lockdown our 2020 schedule has been seriously affected, and we have a backlog of work. We can accept new titles, but we may not be able to get started for several months, and publication will depend on prevailing circumstances. We’d suggest most book launches wait until social distancing measures have been removed and gatherings are once again permitted.

We can discuss this on an individual basis.

What happens if my book exceeds the stated word or page counts in the packages above?

Depending on the additional work, we’ll quote additional charges before work commences. On occasion authors add a considerable amount of new text after an initial edit, and this will be chargeable.

I just want to publish a book to share with my friends and family. Which package is right for me?

If your book is intended for a very small audience such as a family scrapbook or a personal memoir it won’t need distributing to the book trade or online retailers. Please get in touch and we can create a bespoke package that is right for you. 

How much do I earn in royalties, and when do I get paid?

We pay royalties twice per year and retain 25% of net royalties. In other words, the sum we receive from a retailer is split 75/25 in your favour.

You must account to your local tax authority for any income received.

We pay via bank transfer to any UK bank, and there is no minimum payout level.

How many books will I need to sell to make money?

This depends on which publishing package is right for you, how much you spend on editing, any additional marketing costs that you incur and what RRP you sell your book at.

Being a published author can lead to other opportunities to make money such as: speaking at events; improving your CV; winning business as a result of your author status and expert knowledge; or leading to a publishing contracts with a larger publisher.

What intellectual property rights do I give Wordcatcher Publishing?

You retain copyright to your words at all times. Unless we agree otherwise, any editorial work is done in your name, and you are the author. 

We can explain copyright of other people’s content – illustrations, photographs, etc – and how to navigate the legal requirements.

You are assigning us a worldwide exclusive right to publish your book in English only, and only in the formats we distribute. We don’t have any further rights to your work in any other language or format.

Do you still publish the ‘traditional’ way – i.e. the author doesn’t pay up front costs?

The change in our business model in April 2020 means we now offer assisted publishing for many of the titles we will be publishing in 2020. However, many titles still to be released will be published in the traditional way. we are still committed to this, but the number of titles will be limited to those we believe to have sound commercial viability. We like helping people to get their book into circulation, but not all of them have the potential to give us a return on our investment of time and expertise. Authors must demonstrate commitment to selling their book, and a clear understanding of the marketability of their book(s) for us to take on titles in this way. We are not accepting submissions until later in 2020, so please do not submit anything at this time.

I don’t want to pay for a package – are there any other options?

The packages above aren’t for everyone and you may want to do some of the work yourself. We are here to support authors as much as possible and we are launching an online platform in the summer to give you exactly the services you need, as and when you want them. See below for more details.

Custom Products, Services and Training Courses

A range of custom products, services and courses will be available from July 2020.

Assisted-Publishing Services

Select services, as and when you need them

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