The Publishers Licensing Service and Publishers Association recently sent the industry their review of the challenges Brexit raises for the publishing industry. We have considered their detailed 29-page report and have concluded that the BREXIT effect on our business will be relatively painless. Here’s why we’ve come to that conclusion.

We use local printers wherever possible, so books sold in the UK are printed here. Indeed, buying British has always been an unwritten policy at Wordcatcher. There have been times when we might have sought cheaper stock from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, or South East Asia, but we have always sourced our books from UK printers. This has been for three reasons:

Moreover, books sold in Europe are printed in Europe, so we aren’t exporting books either.

So, our environmental desire to keep the carbon miles down now means we are unaffected by cross-border production and shipment of books and any new restrictions or delays that might apply. What might affect us is the supply of paper and ink to the printers – if they are sourced from the EU then there may be delays.

BREXIT uncertainty and delays will probably be good news for UK printers. It seems likely that publishers will look closer to home, at least while things settle down, for their stock. Who knows, BREXIT could lead to a resurgence and expansion in UK book printing, and we’d certainly welcome that.

It is a happy accident that Brexit will probably not disrupt our supply chain. But it’s also evidence that putting environmental sustainability and local economy development at the forefront of your thinking can be good for business.

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