A lifetime experience of babies beginning with the births of my sisters, my own babies and grandchildren, plus a long career as an intensive care nurse, midwife and maternity nurse, in hospitals and the community. As a maternity nurse, with a record of 64 babies, so far, I am in the unique position of having spent many weeks/months, in 24 hourly contact/care of new born babies, living in the home and working closely with and teaching the parents in the early period following birth. Such closeness has enabled me to experience all the ups and downs of new parenthood, the variety of issues that can arise at this time and the questions new parents ask and information they want to know, which they were not told before the birth. Many professionals attending at the time are unaware of the issues that go unsaid or not understood. Uniquely, I am there to answer the questions as they arise. Many of my clients have urged me to put everything in writing in book form, especially the comforting positions to hold babies. During my NHS career regular mandatory update was a requirement. Since self-employment I have kept up to date by subscribing to The Midwives Journal as a retired member and attending many lectures, study days and conferences: - I have been privileged to attend many known, titled and celebrity parents, whose identity I treat with courteous discretion.
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