Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully, Denis G. Campbell

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Never Normalize and Always Remember 

Hillary Clinton was cruising to victory. In an ‘October surprise’ two weeks before the Election, FBI Director Comey released a letter questioning her e-mails that crashed support and gave an improbable victory to Donald Trump as the 45th President. His shambolic transition, angry Inauguration, protests by 4 million women and first 230 days in office were a car crash. The pace was frenetic. Every decision taken was made to destroy President’s Obama legacy. And he had a fundamental meanness and mental instability to his actions. He was and remains a Deplorable Tweeting Bully. 

Journalist Denis Campbell covered it weekly in The Three Muckrakers podcast. This book offers a first look at a shameful and feckless US businessman president.

Hear Denis in interview with influential broadcaster, Nicole Sandler, October 2017.

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