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Three Times Removed

Maggie Gilbert and her children live a normal life until Maggie starts looking into her family tree. Together with fellow genealogist, Zelah, they unearth the drowning of a small girl, and an unsolved disappearance. Strange forces are at work, and they seem to be leaking into the present.

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Maggie Gilbert and her children, Jack and Alice, live a pretty normal life. That is, until Maggie starts looking into her family tree. In doing so, she uncovers a dark mystery that endangers her children. She has to solve the a mystery in the past, if she is to save her family in the present.

Together with a fellow genealogist, Zelah, Maggie unearths more and more details about the drowning of a small girl and the unsolved disappearance of Maggie’s ancestor. Strange forces are at work, and they seem to be leaking into the present.

This supernatural mystery is set in and around Cwmbran and Newport in South Wales, and draws on real historical details.

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Maze Investigations – The Genealogy Detectives

51 reviews for Three Times Removed

  1. June

    Started this with no expectations but felt compelled to keep reading even when my eyes were closing! Drawn into the story with such ease by the author.

  2. Heather L

    What a fantastic book. It had me hooked from beginning to the very satisfying ending. Written from both present day & historical perspective, with believable, sympathetic characters, I found myself being annoyed that work interfered with my reading! Loved the whole thing and am really looking forward to the next in the series

  3. Amazon Customer

    I loved this book could not put it down it had me griped until the end . I can’t wait for the next one

  4. Vall47

    I loved this – such a good story, well told. A minor gripe is the paragraph formatting and punctuation errors which make it difficult at times to tell who is speaking, and the occasional missing word which interrupts the flow of reading … please, get the proof reading up to speed! I also wonder about language – I think that most Welsh people in the 1800s spoke Welsh and not much English. Their letters would have been in Welsh, not English, and would Ruth’s English have been good enough to understand Maggie at the graveside? But I very much enjoyed the book and give it 5 stars despite the above. I am looking forward to reading Mary’s next book.

  5. R B

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having family in and around Newport and being interested in genealogy this book was gripping to read. What was especially good was although things were tied up neatly in the end, this was well done.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I enjoyed everything about this book and couldn’t put it down, yet at the same time didn’t want it to end. I especially liked the author’s style of writing, the depth of the story and the fact that all the historical facts seemed to have been thoroughly researched.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great stuff, can’t wait for the next one!

  8. Amazon Customer

    thoroughly enjoyed it!


    Excellent read

  10. KT

    I really enjoyed this book couldn’t put it down. Some more proof reading needed though.

  11. Sam

    I really enjoyed this book couldn’t put it down. Some more proof reading needed though.

  12. JAB

    Brilliant book, as an genealogists is it very interesting storyline,

  13. Joy Croome

    Wonderful story, a real page turner. I love the style of the narrative and the characters are believable yet interesting. The mix of genres works so well (mystery, family, detective etc) and the story’s ending was very satisfying. I can’t wait for the next in the series!

  14. Spice

    Very good, readable story and dialogue, difficult to put down. Looking forward to the next book.

  15. pauline

    Well written, most interesting, one of the best stories I’ve read for a while, keeps you entertained right to the end, can’t wait for the next in the series.

  16. Bitza

    I’m always on the lookout for a good genealogy mystery book and this didn’t disappoint. A bit slow to start but so glad I persevered. Once the story got going I couldn’t put it down and the supernatural twist was excellent. Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. bookworm

    Loved this book, couldn’t put it down, lots of cliff hangers . Loved all the characters. If your into genealogy this is a brilliant read. I enjoyed the story going back in time and tying up with the 20th century . Sad I came to the end. Checking out others by this author.

  18. Maggie Sweeney

    This is a remarkable story; I was left feeling sad, emotional but satisfied. It is by far one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. I have not slept for five nights, as I could not stop reading. I was totally captivated from start to finish and unlike many books, the end did not disappoint. Remarkable storytelling. Thank you MK Jones

  19. Mr S D Tyler

    First time of reading this author and thoroughly enjoyed it, will look to reading more

  20. C. Homewood

    A good genealogical mystery, with lots of twists and turns. The historical detail is spot on and the characters are interesting. For me the supernatural element was over the top, hence only four stars, but I can see that lots of people will enjoy it.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Ghoulish right from the start, not my cup of tea

  22. Lynn’s Waffles

    This book is a brilliant read, great slant on a genealogy mystery ! I loved it. The characters are great & I’m looking forward to reading more. But why only 4 stars? Maybe it’s just me being particularly fussy …..but the errors in the book, words together etc etc irritated me no end..& slightly spoilt the read for me.
    Only hope they get a good proof reader for the next one ! They certainly need it !!!

  23. Stitcher

    Reverts to the supernatural to add spice to the story, and although promoted as family history that side is routine I do think the use of personal searches at record offices is somewhat optimistic, in terms of time and support given..

  24. Janey55

    Very interesting, Never read a book in this genre before and I love researching family history, if only I could find so much. 1st time I’ve read a book by this author and I’ll be looking out for the next in the series. I would have given this 5 stars but the errors in split words and spelling ( although only a few – spell checker would have prevented these!) interrupted the flow of the story as I had to reread several passages because of these silly mistakes.

  25. Mrs. Z. L. Woodbridge

    Really enjoyed this, a great combination of genealogy and more than a hint of paranormal. I’m hoping there’ll be another instalment soon

  26. angela

    I enjoyed this book although I found the ‘ghostly’ aspects difficult to believe in. However, I tried hard not to be too sceptical. It was well written, but I find the constant use of the word ‘like’ instead of ‘as if’ or ‘as though’ rather irritating. The last few pages seemed rather rushed, I thought, but I am sure other people would enjoy the descriptions of earlier lives as much as I did.

  27. Polly

    i enjoyed the story about John and Ruth and Alice but I didn’t like the ‘Harry Potter’ stuff. Leave the supernatural to the experts. To me the supernatural element spoilt what was a very detailed interesting story. What I did like was how the author got straight into the story, no long descriptions of what people looked like just the basics. Therefore one could make one’s own opinion.

  28. Kath

    Very good story that was difficult to put down . However there were so many printing errors that sentences had to be re-read to get the correct meaning.

  29. Janet

    I enjoyed the story as it unfolded and liked the main character. I have read better but will be reading the next book which I have already purchased.

  30. A well travelled reader

    Good story, very different and had you following along as the reader with ease. Some glaring spelling mistakes, which I didn’t expect to find- a copywriter should have found these.

    I would read the next instalment in the books though

  31. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant I loved everything about it- I was sorry when I reached the end. I highly recommended this book and will look for other books from this author.

  32. Mrs. G. A. Chesney-Green

    Not the usual type of genealogical novel…it has an extra twist bit I’ll not spoil it for anyone! It moves through two time periods…the mid 1800s and the present. Most enjoyable.

  33. Adam

    An intriguing story that gathers pace throughout the book. Agree with other reviewers that the publisher should have taken more care over the final proof reading but don’t let this put you off or spoil what is a very enjoyable read of a tale that connects events and relationships in two different centuries. For the author’s first novel, a first class story and I look forward to the next one!

  34. M. Johnson

    I love genealogy mysteries and it was great to discover this author. Look forward to reading more Maze Investigations mysteries.

  35. Julia Gander

    This was a joy to read especially as I am myself researching my family history and remember the excitement when something new is discovered or uncovered!. It was sad and emotional but the story was extremely well thought out and written. It is not often that a book holds my attention so much so that I could not put it down. I am looking forward to reading something else by this very talented author.

  36. Emer parker

    I enjoyed this book so much. I liked not knowing what happened until the end, I did not e pact many of the turns in the story and this meant that I was kept guessing. I thought the characters were believable and I was drawn o some of them. I would definitely buy a follow up book.

  37. J. Pumford

    I’ve just finished reading this book and it was brilliant. Is this a debut novel? Fantastic. I couldn’t put it down. It was my perfect book and I even had a lump in my throat at the end. I hope there will be many more books from this author. Highly recommended!

  38. marye

    Not really a book about genealogy, more of a ghost story with some family history thrown in. Quite a good story, will probably give Maze Investigation another try if a further book becomes available at a suitable price

  39. JRS

    This book has the makings of a good and original story but I felt it was let down by details. There are inaccuracies in methods of researching family history with areas glossed over as if the author didn’t really understand them. I felt the ending was unlikely but that didn’t bother me as much as the muddle of relationships. A few explanations early on would have saved some confusions.
    But the biggest problems are in the poor spellings, grammar and punctuation. I feel sure that no-one proof-read this book which is a great shame.
    There is an implication that this is the first in a series. If this is the case, please find a proper proof reader and don’t rely on a computer spell checker.
    My three stars are for the book as a whole but the story is probably worth another one


    Too much “ghost” content.

  41. J. Jarvis

    Really enjoyed this book although a bit implausible in parts it was still a great page turner and I will pick up more in this series

  42. CarolineG

    I have enjoyed this book enormously, as a keen amateur genealogist it has been a fascinating read. I’ve even had it by my side whilst cooking as I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for her next book. The story line is full of research and at times felt very realistic! Not that I’d want to face ‘The Hunter’ myself. I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in a good mystery, or genealogy.

  43. Fiona C

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story and the genealogical connections. It was well thought out and the story clearly presented. Sometimes I was a little mixed up over which Ruth and Alice we were hearing about. Would definitely recommend.

  44. Karen Burman

    Enjoyed immensely, well paced page turner !! Enjoyed the switching back in time to current day .An easy but interesting read. Will look for more from this author.

  45. Mr B P JONES

    As the story neared its climax I could not put the book, or rather Kindle, down.

  46. kaniccarus

    I am very interested in family history and seldom give feedback, but I was enthralled almost from the opening chapter. More of the same please!

  47. E. Guyver

    Gripping story very well written but I did not like the supernatural ending. It was not what I expected.

  48. Denise Williams

    Enjoyed the twists and turns.Can’t wait until the next book.

  49. Andrea

    Couldn’t put this book down, the way the past intertwined with the future was gripping. Sad at times but a lovely read.

  50. jan dolan

    Could not put this book down. Thought provoking, sad, scary – just wonderful. Cannot recommend it enough.

  51. Ray Noyes

    In general, I’m not keen on what I think of as ‘back and fore’ stories, ones that are placed in two periods, requiring the reader to jump back and fore between the two narrative time lines. But this one is an exception; the author has managed these gymnastics very well, so much so I was occasionally waiting eagerly to find out what was happening in the parallel time. The story is a brilliant mix of character painting and tense plot, underpinned by a constant spookey tension as to what kind of supernatural horror may be lurking in the background. A thoroughly enjoyable read and one I heartily recommend.

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