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Three Desperate Weeks

Three Desperate Weeks examines the destructive and life-threatening effects of the relationship between alcohol and depression on an individual and those around him. It recounts a true story, leading up to, including, and following, a medical emergency in 2015 that almost cost Kevin his life.


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What should have been two relaxing weeks on holiday in beautiful Cornwall turned into a three-week nightmare for Kevin and his wife Jan.

Three Desperate Weeks examines the destructive and life-threatening effects of the relationship between alcohol and depression on an individual and those around him. It recounts a true story, leading up to, including, and following, a medical emergency in 2015 that almost cost Kevin his life.

This is a nakedly honest account of a terrifying episode and surreal three weeks of recovery from the brink of death in hospitals in Cornwall and Devon. Indeed, these were weeks during which Kevin and his wife fought against the darkness of alcohol withdrawal, followed by the realisation that life would never be the same again.

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9 reviews for Three Desperate Weeks

  1. Barbara Cock from Penzance

    Kevin’s has written a brutally honest account of his downfall with the demon drink, or his ‘lover’ and the ravages that attack him physically and mentally. I doubt that many people in similar circumstances could write so graphically, to the point you’re in the hospital with him living his demons and at the same time laugh at the ridiculousness of his mind games. At the same time not forgetting what his poor wife, Janice must have been going through. I can’t wait for his next instalment on depression, a subject not many of us could ever find amusing but no doubt Kevin will find something to force a smile.

  2. Peter Wells from Rhondda Cynon Taff Wales

    I am a friend and ex colleague of Kevin and have known him a number of years but I have to confess I was unaware of the devastation and suffering to him personally and his wife Jan that his alcohol problem was causing them. I intended to start reading the book just to get a feel of it. In the event I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in one session .It is a very persona land graphic account as to what an addiction can do the mind, body and relationships and how devious one can become to try and hide the problem. I see it as a training tool for students interested in the subject to give them a deep and personal insight into how destructive and life destroying an addiction can be. Kevin is very brave in revealing very personal experiences and recognises the support and love his wife gave and gives him. I look forward to his next book which will be about the depressive side of his experience.

  3. Cheryl from South Wales

    Tipped off about this book by Jan, the authors wife. I have known Kevin and Jan for over 20 years and this book took my emotions to another level, having absolutely no idea what they had been through individually and as a couple. Kevin has described the most cruel power that alcohol has when it gets hold of a person. His honest exposure of the experience he had is so painfully described, even to the thoughts he had to protect Jan from the pain. The second section of the book is cleverly written, illustrating the trauma experienced, through humour. This shows Kevin’s creative ability to use the written word, albeit of a horrific personal experience. The connection and separation of alcoholism and depression is used in an interesting way by Kevin and those who have experience of/ or have been affected by these two conditions will no doubt have their own personal experiences to relate to. I can’t wait for your second book – in an odd sort of way.

  4. Margot from South Wales

    This book is a frank, open and vivid account of one man’s struggle and triumph against “the demon drink”, (and it’s not called a “demon” for nothing). The author is exceptionally brave in telling his story, laying out before us a series of events and experiences which could have and nearly did end his life. The fact that he writes so ably, so eloquently, and with humour is testament to who he is as a person. This is an uplifting story where in the end, love conquers all and our author, with the support of his wife and friends, comes out of it a man who has WON at life.

  5. Tony and Liz Isingrini from Pontypridd, South Wales

    This is a compelling and painfully honest account of one man’s descent into liquid hell and the terrible impact this has on both the Author’s health and his good wife’s sanity. But it is not a negative or bleak journey; it is rather a roller coaster ride with both scary dips and exhilarating and funny highs. The Author manages to depict what might otherwise be a depressing and debilitating experience into one which is full of humour and farce generously dosed with heartrending insights. In the end we are all undoubtedly strengthened and reinvigorated by the ride whilst fully engaged in supporting Kevin’s recovery and continuing redemption. We would fully recommend this book as an excellent read for alcoholics, non drinkers or merely those of us wo are somewhere tepidly in between. You will certainly not be bored when reading this book!

  6. Sian from South Wales

    This book is superbly written and is a very honest account of one man’s battle with depression and alcoholism over many years. I have great admiration for the author’s frankness in revealing his day to day battles. He survived against all the odds and continues to battle forward. Both the author and his wife have shown tremendous strength in coping with their difficulties, one living as an alcoholic and the other living with an alcoholic. I would definitely recommend this book which is an easy read. It is also written with humour. I’m looking forward to reading the next Edition.

  7. Chris Davies

    A compelling book written with humility,honesty and a sense of humour.it’s a book that will capture a far reaching audience and no doubt be a reality check for many. It’s heartfelt and eloquently written and clearly depicts the inner struggle when coping with alcohol and the impact on both the author and his wife’s life. I have known the author for many years and have and always will hold him in the highest regard. His story will have a great impact on many and his courage to tell it in such a meaningful way is a testimony to the person he is. Waiting in anticipation for his next book.

  8. Nicola from South Wales

    This is a very honest, frank and on times upsetting book. I read the book in one sitting, found once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. I know both Jan and Kevin and honestly had absolutely no idea of the issues that Kevin had with alcohol. I’ve a lot of admiration for both Jan and Kevin. Well done to you Kevin for writing such and honest book… Am looking forward to reading the next book….

  9. Amazon Customer

    I think kev book is a must read. It has it’s humorous moments, but also I found it quite scary, with what kev went through. Kev seems a very accomplished writer. I can’t wait for his next book. I highly recommend this book.

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