The King's Crown

On the eve of the Queen’s retirement, Berkley, the Palace Butler, cleans the crown ready for the coronation. Curiosity gets the better of him and he tries the crown on and imagines being King, only to realise it won’t come off. The Palace Chef, Hairdresser, Mechanic, even the Queen’s Guards try to help, but the crown is not budging.

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On the eve of Queen Betty’s retirement, Berkley, the Palace Butler, cleans the crown ready for the coronation of her heir: Prince Chuck. Curiosity gets the better of Berkley and he tries the crown on. The Butler imagines what it would be like to be King, until he’s rudely interrupted by the Prince’s bell – summoning him. He quickly tries to take the crown off, but it won’t move. It’s stuck. Tight.

He runs to the kitchen and asks the Queen’s Chef for help. They pour lots of oily sauces on to Berkley’s head in order to make the crown slide off – but it won’t move. Next, he tries Her Majesty’s Salon. The stylist thinks lots of shampoo and bubbles will shift it, but again, the crown doesn’t budge. Berkley then visits Buckingham Garage and even the Queen’s Royal Guards have a go, but whatever they try – the crown stays put. No crown means no coronation.

Realising he has no choice, Berkley decides to tell the truth and makes his way back to Prince Chuck at the Palace. En route, he walks past the Royal Nursery, where children are playing in fancy dress, as astronauts, superheroes, dragons and princesses. This gives Berkley an idea. A very clever idea. Enlisting the help of the royal children, Berkley and his new friends embark on a plan to find a crown and save the coronation.

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Onion Custard Kids

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from 4 to 8 years


JUVENILE FICTION / Bedtime & Dreams



5 reviews for The King’s Crown

  1. Liz French

    A family favourite already. A book that is one that you can read over and over with such lovely characters and illustrations. A brilliant read 🙂

  2. Lucy

    My little one is obsessed with books and she really enjoyed this one. It’s an engaging story that encouraged her to ask a lot of questions and the beautiful illustrations let her retell the story as she can’t read yet. We are already looking forward to another book!

  3. Valerie Davies

    Great book. My granddaughter love ready this book with me and we have fun doing all the actions

  4. Julian Davis

    Engaged my 4 year old with the story and the illustration. He now wants to know what will happen to the crown that’s stuck on his head? Lots of opportunity for guessing what might happen next and counting (Corgis!).

  5. Anonymous

    My friends children thoroughly enjoyed this bedtime story!!

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