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The Julia Legacy

Maze Investigations heads to Cornwall. where Maggie, Nick, and Zelah begin an investigation of a very personal nature. However, they soon find that the story of the ring and the other items are shrouded in theft, betrayal and murder. And something unexplained.

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After receiving an unexpected inheritance of jewellery, including a rare ‘spoon ring’, Zelah agrees to go to Cornwall to find out more about its history. She knows she may have to face discovering her own closely-guarded family history. Reluctant to dig up her past at first, she gathers the courage to find out where she comes from and who she really is.

So, in the middle of a glorious summer, the Maze Investigations team takes a month off and heads to Cornwall. Staying in a beautiful, unique house on the edge of a cliff above the sea, Maggie, Nick, and Zelah begin an investigation of a very personal nature.

However, they soon find that the story of the ring and the other items are shrouded in theft, betrayal and murder. And something unexplained.

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Maze Investigations – The Genealogy Detectives

8 reviews for The Julia Legacy

  1. J Jarvis

    I loved this book and liked that there was far less paranormal stuff in it. The one thing which stops 5stars is the extremely complex family explanations which had me baffled at time

  2. Ann Passeri

    Fistly, I must say that I was so looking forward to this latest novel of the Maze Investigations “The Julia Legacy” by M.K.Jones, having so enjoyed the previous two novels. Which were a perfect diversion for any geanealogist to read.
    But from start to end and not just once, there was a continuous thread running through the whole novel of a bias towards a specific political mindset. This was so unnecessary and deliberately inserted into the story line, so much so that often the correct grammar was impaired, which often happens when a politically motivated person tries too hard. Extremely distasteful to say the least. Consequently, it completely ruined my enjoyment of what should have been an excellent genealogical experience.

  3. Hoochypooch

    This is the first I have read of this series and as it is book 3, maybe I should have read the others first as it was a bit difficult to work out everyones character and relationship with each other. As for the actual story, I have to say I found it really difficult to follow all the genelaogy, especially when there were names running ing through families. it might have helped if there had been a three to look at. Not sure if I will try and read anymore of these.

  4. Amazon Customer

    It was very difficult to put it down and every chapter has a surprise in it. Very good sequel to the other Maze books.

  5. Polly

    Overall the book kept my interest but there were far too many characters especially in the latter part. Think it would have been better not to have known about Sir John Vyse and his family/staff until nearer the end when Maze found out about them. Look forward to the next book.

  6. Anne

    I have read the previous books and thought them very good too, but I think this is the best so far. We learn a little bit more about each of the main characters each time as well as getting a cracking mystery to unravel. The story grips you from the start and its a page turner to find out the various linkages and stories that make up the whole. Bringing together genealogy and a hint of the supernatural is a winning combination. I only dabble in a bit of family history, but am fascinated by seeing how experts go about tracking down past connections so this also makes the book very interesting to read. But most of all its a very well written story that keeps you guessing to the end and I highly recommend it.

  7. Peter Croome

    I have read and enjoyed the first two books in this series and this is another great read. I really love the blend of genealogy, family issues, friendships, and danger. Anyone who has raised teenagers can relate to Maggie as a mother and there are very believable character flaws evident in the various friendships/relationships also. Another bonus is some beautiful descriptions of places and countryside that make you want to go and visit without delay! The writing is a clever mix of all these aspects, its topic unique and story-line compelling and the author’s style of prose is readable and attractive, with a good mix of prose and dialogue. I would also have liked a family tree, or list of characters, in each of the books, but this is not the author’s fault, but the publisher’s decision. I would recommend reading the three books in order as that will enhance the reader’s understanding of Maze and its people, although each novel is a stand-alone story. I can’t wait for the next one!

  8. JoJo

    Captivating and compelling read. August 2019.
    Once again M K Jones has written a compelling mystery based around Maze investigations, this time using Zelah’s past as the base. Once again we are faced with stories of things beyond usual understanding and involving witchcraft and some sad family history. I did not want to put this down and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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