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The Joan of Arc Mysteries

Historical evidence suggests Joan of Arc did not die at the stake in 1431. This book starts from that premise and tells of her adventures with a warrior called Robert des Armoises, ruler of Jaulny.

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There are challenging fragments of historical evidence to suggest that Joan of Arc did not die at the stake in Rouen on 30th May 1431. It has been hypothesised that a magnificent warrior, Robert des Armoises, ruler of Jaulny, could have rescued her, married her and shared a long, happy, adventurous life with her. This book starts from that premise and tells of their many adventures together.

Escaping from Rouen, Robert and Joan hide in the ancient labyrinth below Paris. They become involved in the struggle to save the sacred treasures hidden at Rennes-le-Château and take them to safety to the far side of the Atlantic. Their adventures also include encountering the mysterious Spear of Destiny, and Robert’s life-or-death struggle with a dangerous sea monster. They also become involved in solving the Riddle of the Sphinx and exploring the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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1 review for The Joan of Arc Mysteries

  1. Jerry Lyons

    This novella written by Fanthorpes Lionel and Patricia pits its central characters, Robert of the Armoises and Joan of Arc, against an entirely wicked force which is hell bent on destroying all that is good. So join starstruck lovers Robert, a Templar to his fingertips, and Joan, the living emblem of France, as they pass their cosmically pre-determined storm of fire and steel with flying colours. Thanks be to a dazzling array of inspired and inspirational allies and in spite of a galactic catalogue of demonic entities and apostate minions launched against them. This romantic medieval mystery tour is every bit as compelling as its title suggests.

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