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The Glass Citadel

In its frosted chambers, everyone is alone. An abducted psychic reads the cards to preserve her sanity. In another part of the country, struggling to keep his family from disintegration and to deflect the lethal attentions of an East End gang, Luke is forced to flee his home.

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In its frosted chambers, everyone is alone

An abducted psychic reads the cards to preserve her sanity. In another part of the country, struggling to keep his family from disintegration and to deflect the lethal attentions of an East End gang, Luke is forced to flee his home.

In the long hot summer of 1976, these two strangers are connected in a way neither of them understands. Yet, as mounting obsession and the pursuit of violent revenge send events spiralling out of control, it becomes clear that their lives depend on a mutually-powered drive to prevail.

The cards offer both a line of communication and a tantalising hint at salvation: Luke and Paige need to rely not only on their wits but on symbiotic faith and vision. Can the intangible ever be strong enough to deliver them – and those closest to them – from the forces of destruction?   

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The Glasswater Quintet


9781912056750, 9781912056743

11 reviews for The Glass Citadel

  1. Odette – Amazon

    Gripping! Many thanks to James for another page turner; it has been the only decent form of entertainment over these Christmas holidays, so thank goodness for some escapism!
    Such a fabulous climax – I found myself reading faster and faster as I got caught up in it all, and as another reviewer said, I was quite sad when it came to the end.
    Excited to start the next book in the quintet – this will be my New Year reading treat!

  2. thatcook

    Excellent, a thoroughly good read.

    I read this slowly, savouring it, wanting to make it last. I enjoyed the well drawn characters and the atmosphere as it built towards the dramatic climax. Then the wonderful conclusion like the calm after a storm. A book I shall read again and remember while waiting for the next one in the Quintet

  3. LS

    Good read

    Very enjoyable especially the way the different strands of the story wind round each other. Look forward to book three.

  4. Ada

    An exciting read

    A great read and I found it as compelling as the first book in the quintet. It’s a coming of age story and crime-thriller combined with heart-warming friendships and family bonds. The narrative is both fast-paced and filled with rich detail and descriptions of the different settings involved. Thoroughly recommended.

  5. Elaine

    Even better than the first

    Again a beautifully described novel , even better than the first
    Schooldays, from school plays to revision, lessons, exams, teachers with such everyday familiar sounding names and the trials and tribulations of using public transport to get to school before the family money problems force a moonlight flit to the Wales of the first novel.
    Characterisation and descriptions are wonderful
    I’ll await the third book eagerly

  6. A Martin

    The perfect cocktail!

    Thoroughly enjoyable sequel. Great characterisation. Has all the things I’m interested in: weather, nature, the occult, a mystery and what an amazing climax. It was a joy from beginning to end and has an intriguing twist in the finale. I particularly appreciated the breadth of vocubulary at Mr Morgan’s command. Recommended.

  7. davena&gavin

    A beautifully written, atmospheric tale.

    I was greatly looking forward to this, the second book in the Glasswater Quintet and, in fact had put off reading it as I was enjoying the anticipation! I began it on one night – I enjoy reading in bed – and finished it the next! it is such a page-turner and so very enjoyable., The characterisation is up to James Morgan-Jones’s usual high standard and the plot, with many twists and turns is thoroughly compelling. And, to top it all, there’s a little map at the start, which I feel enhances any book! Can’t wait for the next one. Don’t keep us waiting too long, please James!

  8. North Londoner

    A page-turner that keeps you guessing!

    This is a great read. The narrative carries you along so that you feel completely absorbed in its reality. It keeps you guessing and takes you, via many twists and turns, to an exciting climax. Reading it on the tube in London I was transported to South Wales and the heatwave of 1976, and was frequently in danger of being carried past my destination stop – I was so engrossed. Well done Mr Morgan-Jones. I’m greatly looking forward to the next book in the series.

  9. Adrian Gilpin

    Strong, character-driven, gritty crime drama on the edges of the supernatural.

    Initially surprised that this was not, in the strictest sense, a sequel to “On The Edge of Wild Water” which I loved. However, it does not take James Morgan-Jones long to seduce the reader into his compelling world and hook us into another compelling narrative. Richly drawn, complex characters navigate a world that is grittily real and contemporary and at the same time mysterious and “other”. It is this navigation of the commonplace and the supernatural that links the books so far in this quintet and long may it continue. The real measure of a novel is that sense of disappointment that you have come to the end and have to leave the author’s world. Hopefully not for long.

  10. Annie Lewis


    This is an excellent sequel to Edge of Wildwater which I loved so much. I was intrigued to find out how the stories in the quintet would blend together and delighted this time to be taken back to the long hot summer of 1976. It was great to be in London’s East End one minute then on a hippy colony in West Wales the next – I was completely sucked into both these worlds straight away. This is a great story – a real adventure with fabulous characters, truly unputdownable!

  11. Telford AJ Williams

    Thrilling, hypnotic read.

    I’ve been looking forward to the release of this book since reading the first part of the Glasswater series and it did not disappoint. An atmospheric read with well drawn characters, it builds to a thrilling climax. Set in the 1970s it has a great sense of place and time and the appearance of characters who appeared in the first novel of the quintet was a pleasant surprise. Another wait now for the third in the series and in the meantime, I will re-read the first two books back to back! Highly recommended.

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