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Line of Descent

Maze Investigations has been operating for 6 months and has been an international success. Maggie announces some unexpected news, which isn’t well received. There is an argument and a stand-off. Can they resolve their differences, or was Maze Investigations a good idea that failed because of a clash of characters who could not work together?

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Maze Investigations has been operating for six months and has been an exciting international success.  Maggie is still doing her weekly radio slot.  Zelah has discovered a new talent and Nick – is still slogging away at what he does best:  finding the truth in hidden places.

But they have been so busy that there hasn’t been time to stop and think, or evaluate.  Christmas provides a much needed break.  But the outcome isn’t what any of them expected.  Maggie announces some unexpected news about a potential career development for herself.  But this isn’t well received, particularly by Zelah.  There is an argument and a stand-off. 

Nick, who watches the rift develop, has been planning news of his own over Christmas and despite the tension in Maze he goes ahead and asks Maggie for help.  He has decided to open up about his past and resolve his own family mystery.  This could be dangerous for him and it means he will have to expose more of his own inner disquietude. 

The rift between Zelah and Maggie leads them down different paths of research.  An angry Zelah has taken on a new client without speaking to Maggie and Nick.  And for the first time in her family researching history she is struggling.  She is so determined to make this case a success on her own that she doesn’t see that this Canadian client is not what he seems.  Maggie meanwhile has been asked to help out with a local case which is more about heir hunting than genealogy.  The subject – a lost child from the Spanish Civil War – grips her and draws her in.  But heir hunting is a specialised subject that Maze had already decided it would not take on.

As Maggie and Zelah both head off abroad on their own separate quests, Nick is left to face his own history and demons:  psychological, spiritual and real.

Can the investigators resolve their differences, or was Maze Investigations a good idea that failed because of a clash of stubborn characters who could not compromise enough to work together to resolve their differences?

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Maze Investigations – The Genealogy Detectives





5 reviews for Line of Descent

  1. Sheena

    Well worth the wait. Just as the first book, very well written, good story could not put it down. You have the ability to weave a complicated story, mixed with two other stories in away that most others end up very confusing. I really hope you write another one to the series, and could give me a reminder when it is released…..

  2. Mrs G A Chesney-Green

    Maggie, Zelah and Nick are following three separate threads and the author has handled the strands and woven them together sensitively throughout. An unusual type of genealogical mystery that is the second in the series, I believe…and I’m looking forward to the next one!

  3. Anne

    I read the first Maze Investigations book and really enjoyed it. This one has rather more to it. There is a lot of very interesting stuff about the Spanish Civil War and its affects on families and communities. It is very well researched and brings this historical period to life for the reader. The book also has several intertwined themes so it is more complex and involved that the first book. The three main characters all develop and find different levels in their relationships with each other and their characters and relationships are more defined and interesting. Definitely a good read for anyone interested in family history, how some Welsh men fought in the Spanish Civil War, the effect of war on communities and of course – the supernatural!

  4. Trav

    I read the first of M K Jones novels and really enjoyed it. However, Line of Descent is a brilliant read and enjoyed it so much more. M K Jones has really got in to her stride and the characters are more rounded. The plot is very multi layered, and easy to follow. I can’t really describe the plot as it was so eventful, and admire the amount of research and history that has gone into the novel. Also some very creepy moments.

  5. S Wain

    I enjoyed the plot and structure of this book enormously. BUT what I did not enjoy [Kindle edition] were the far too numerous typos and errors of ‘sense’ etc. There were sentences which made no sense due to the omission of a word or words. There were sections which looked as if they had been rewritten but the cut and paste didn’t quite work. There was even the mispelling of a character’s name. These were not mere punctuation errors but ones which either potentially altered the meaning of sections or were simply exasperating after the first few.
    The content edit is more or less fine but this book has not been proof-read at all well!
    Will I read another book by this author? Decidely yes IF better proof-reading is done.
    I would have made these comments directly to Wordcatcher but could find no email contact information whatsoever so I have made them here in a public way.

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