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Headshot Diva

This book is written for professional business people who want to understand how their profile can affect their bottom line. Report to Shareholders, Business Reports, Facebook, Leaflets, LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Materials, Pinterest, Press Releases, Social Media, Twitter, YouTube… or any other online or offline purpose where your face matters!

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How can a photo of you affect your bottom line? Simple. People make snap judgments about who you are, and what you represent, from this image. So, does your profile photo sell you, and your business, in the right way? In this book you will discover the Top 10 Tips for a great business headshot, and also you’ll get to see the things people do wrong. Could that be you too? Are you inadvertently putting people off (and losing sales), because your photo doesn’t encourage potential clients to call? Anyone in business can benefit from the advice and tips in this book. With the increasing reliance on social media channels to communicate with clients, suppliers and prospects, it’s more crucial than ever for you to have a consistent, high quality set of images that truly reflects your character and personality – and allows people to connect with you with confidence. This book is written for professional business people who want to understand how their profile can affect their bottom line.

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13 reviews for Headshot Diva

  1. lynne pomeroy

    If you are starting a business or trying to blow the combwebs out of an existing business then this is definitely book that will give you valuable information

  2. Lorraine Stevens

    People by people so it’s important that your image represents you. Lis’s book provides clear and concise guidance and I really felt her personality coming through. Having used Lis myself for my business headshots, I can recommend with confidence both Lis and her book.

  3. Karen

    Headshot Diva focuses on the importance of a good photograph for a high-impact business profile. Written from the perceptive of a photographer, it’s warm and engaging style makes this book an easy read that offers lots of key tips and information for those of us who have an aversion to being photographed. Lis’ experience in taking head shots comes across on every page, and the photo examples really illustrate the Do’s and Don’ts of having business headshots. The last chapters contain handy checklists and top tips for looking your best and getting the best from your photo session. Overall a great piece of advice on a generally under-appreciated but important subject.

  4. David

    I never realised the importance of a good headshot until I read this book and now I have received more work from web based searches and I can only put this down to the fantastic advice that I received from Headshot Diva. If you need a strong web presence then you need this book!


    I would really recommend this for absolutely everyone & anyone who has ever been nervous about having a professional photo taken. This is an easy to ready, easy to follow step by step handbook, on getting the best out of your professional photographic session, and not freaking out! The what not to do sections are funny, personable and clearly demonstrate how to get the best result. Headshot Diva is a great title for finding your inner Diva! Enjoy.

  6. Alex Hudd

    I would recommend this book to any professional with a web or social media presence, as well as the need for media shots or business literature. It explains the value of spending money on getting your picture taken professionally, and why it’s an investment and not a cost. It shows the bad and the ugly and why they don’t work in a professional environment (and won’t win you business) and then it shows not just the good, but the truly excellent shots taken by Lis. A great writer and a brilliant photographer.

  7. Kathryn Hollingworth

    This book has given me great guidance on how a social media profile should be. I was looking for a new job and wanted to get the attention of the recruitment agencies and potential employers. By using the tips from Lis’ book I was able to create a profile that was engaging and allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal! Before reading this book I never thought of what impression a photo could give. 100% recommend!!!

  8. helen akiyama

    Thanks, Lis. This book is very clear, concise and focuses on helping you get the perfect headshot for your business. I think people underestimate the impact their business profile picture has. I have used the headshot Lis did for me on my newsletter and people always compliment me on how professional It looks. Also, it makes me feel confident having an image which truly reflects my personality. A must-read for business people

  9. elaine godley

    Lis has really thought through how to help everyone look the best they can through the eye of her amazing lens. She offers practical advice and guidance no matter what we consider our photographic challenges to be.Her speciality of Head Shots set her apart from other photographers who work with business owners who want to get a head (excuse the pun)!

  10. Suzanne Burnell-Gray

    An excellent book which has not only influenced my colours in that there will be a lot of changes made which will save me money, but the knowledge it brings to new businesses encouraging and explaining about why and how different photographs should be used on different sites and media. Thank you for putting photography into simple speak with a powerful message to us all. Well written with beautiful photographs showing not only what to do, but also what not to do.

  11. Amanda, Sales Academy 2012

    Love this book! Being able to access the information in here directly with the author has been invaluable for our business; we only use pictures taken by Lis!! Now you have the opportunity to have the Lis McDermott experience yourself, she will show you in this book what to do and what not to do with yourself on a shoot, how to prepare and how to get the best out of your photography which ever photographer you choose. This book guides you though the do’s and don’ts in a gentle, fun way – invest in you to ensure your business stands out

  12. D. H. Richens “Debi” (Berkshire, UK)

    I would recommend this for everyone who has ever waivered at having a professional photo shoot! Lis has written the definitive handbook, on getting the best out of your professional photographic session. If you follow her sage advice, you will achieve the best outcome possible for you and your business.

  13. Lifewise Healing on May 30, 2014

    A must have book for any professional! A fabulous book that is an easy read and filled with useful tips on how to convey your best image. This is a must have for any professional that really shows you in a simple format how important it is to have an image that really represents who you are and the personality of your business.

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