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A Bimble Through My Thoughts

Autumn, bees, birdsong, butterflies, charity, clouds, contemplation, dolphins, elephants, Iceland, innuendo, lighthouses, Marguerite, mist, monasticism, NHS, orangutans, Palestine, photography, Pope John Paul I, praying, rebellion, Remembrance, royalty, seas, storms, St. Sebastian, Switzerland, theatre, trees, Victorian, volunteering, Welsh poppy

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Aberdare-born, -educated, and life-experienced. After leaving secondary school, Clive worked in the civil service formulating and implementing Government policies in a portfolio that included: Intellectual Property; UK Trade & Investment; Assistant Private Secretary to two secretaries of state; Assistant to the UK Governor at the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, reporting on both the UK stockpile of Fissile Material, and non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction; arranging Royal Family overseas tours; Personal Independence Payment Case Manager, and Court Presenting Officer.

He likes autumn, bees, bimbles, birdsong, butterflies, charity, clouds, contemplation, daydreaming, dolphins, elephants, green tea, Iceland, innuendo, lighthouses, Marguerite daisies, mist, monasticism, NHS, orang-utans, Palestine, people-watching, photography, poetry, Pope John Paul I, pottering, praying, rain, rebellion, Remembrance, robins, royalty, seas, storms, St. Sebastian, sunflowers, Switzerland, theatre, travel, trees, UK armed forces, UK emergency services, Victorian and Edwardian days, volunteering, and Welsh poppies.

This collection of poetry is a reflection of the above.

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