Motorpoint Cardiff is now situated where Catherine Thomas lived in Mary Ann Street; an area classified as probably the worst in Cardiff. It is the 1880s. She was a widow and had lived in the house for around 15 years with her daughter Beth, who was nearing 16 years of age. When the authorities called at the home a doctor described the daughter’s condition as thus.

Mary Ann Street

“I have twice examined her. I find her shamefully neglected by a drunken and immoral mother. She is suffering from Tuberculosis and ulcers which are aggravated by the filthy conditions of her body and surroundings which caused her unnecessary suffering. The room she sleeps in is unfit for human habitation and increases the disease’.

It was found that the downstairs stone paved room had two filthy and vermin riddled dumped mattresses and numerous rags. (Used for a variety of purposes) On those mattresses at night, slept not only Catherine, but Elizabeth and her Grandmother!

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