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Monday Tip #60 Stop, Collaborate & Listen


The things we most fear in organisations – fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances – are the primary sources of creativity.

Margaret J Wheatley


Sing along if you know the words. If you have no idea what I’m talking about just read on, and stop looking at me like that.

There are times when two heads (or more) really are better than one, and while the majority of the suggestions in this book are for you to engage in alone, this one most definitely is not.

There are lots of ways of collaborating on a project, and you might be thinking that you’ll lose it as your idea if you do work with other people. But surely one of the points that has emerged from this exploration of creativity is the basic unoriginality of all new ideas, or at least their reliance on the input and influence of other people to make them work. It’s how you put everything together that counts.

Give Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, and Delia Smith exactly the same ingredients and see what each of them does with them. Or, watch the early rounds of Masterchef where contestants have an invention test (using the same ingredients as each other) and another where they must recreate a dish they have tasted. In each case the results, using a very similar starting point, can turn out wildly different in taste.

Anyway, what’s wrong with being part of a team that achieves something special? There are lots of ways you can find people to work with:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Neighbours
  • Your existing Facebook friends and groups
  • Your existing LinkedIn connections and groups
  • Your existing Twitter followers, or people you follow
  • Other online social media sites and tribes you belong to
  • Networking groups
  • Specialist online forums
  • Clubs
  • Societies
  • Associations
  • School
  • College
  • University

Unless you are a hermit, there are groups that you are affiliated to, or aligned with by interest, that could be the ideal place to ask.

r more information:

Build Your Own Idea Factory

This creativity tip comes from Build Your Own Idea Factory: 68 ways to boost your creativity and get inspired by David Norrington


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Monday Tip #60 Stop, Collaborate & Listen

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