If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham H Maslow

I like chunking, it makes any project so much easier to deal with. If you are struggling with something big, then break it down into smaller components, and concentrate on these single elements.

It may sound ridiculously obvious and simple, because it is. Sadly, however, people often stare blankly into space while they think about their big idea, failing to take action because they are overwhelmed by the enormity of it.

Chunk it down, and it will be more manageable, and ideas will flow on a micro level. Instead of trying to solve “everything” your brain will be able to focus on the smaller stages.

I sometimes work by creating lots of small, easily achieved tasks and milestones on the way to completing the whole thing. Don’t sweat the big stuff, just work through the small stuff and it will accumulate rapidly. For example, never try to write a 40,000 word book. Instead, write ten chapters of 4,000 words, with each chapter comprising of ten sections of 400 words. How long will it take you to write 400 words? Now multiply that time by 100 and that’s how long it could take to write your book. That’s chunking in action, and is actually how I sometimes write.

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Build Your Own Idea Factory

This creativity tip comes from Build Your Own Idea Factory: 68 ways to boost your creativity and get inspired by David Norrington


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