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Monday Tip #31 Prediction Extrapolation


The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker

Everything evolves, changes, develops, and dies out. Why not peer into your crystal ball and make a prediction about what will happen in the future to everyday objects.

Let’s take a few examples for you to work on:

The electric kettle, born in 1922, was fathered (so to speak) by Arthur Leslie Large. It is based on the non-electric variety which dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, or China, depending on where you get your information. But what of its future? Imagine how it might evolve if:

  • The cost of electricity became so high that just boiling a kettle became ridiculously expensive.
  • Word got around that tea and coffee gives people cancer, and everyone believed it.
  • It was replaced by something better.
  • Human beings develop the power to boil liquids with their minds.

Give this a go for yourself. To focus your mind, try to come up with some different scenarios:

  • What would make it better?
  • What would make it cheaper?
  • What would make it more expensive?
  • What would make it bigger, or smaller?
  • What would happen if it was a different colour?
  • What would make it obsolete?
  • What else could happen to it in the future?
  • What if it became illegal to use?

Who knows? This might just inspire you to think of the replacement to the electric kettle.

For more information:

Build Your Own Idea Factory

This creativity tip comes from Build Your Own Idea Factory: 68 ways to boost your creativity and get inspired by David Norrington


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Monday Tip #31 Prediction Extrapolation

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