Tim Exeter has worked with elite sportspeople Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh, Steve Thompson, Ben Cohen, Matt Dawson, Brendon Hartley and Carlos Takam. From Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Everyone is talking about how this situation will change how business works and a new way of working will emerge. I hope likewise that people think about their personal health, not just that of the business they own or work for. Healthy people are more productive.

I trust you will find this information useful. Despite my background in elite sport, this is not about being super fit, this applies to everyone; it is completely scalable from a top athlete to a normal person. (You do not have to try some of the ridiculous stuff posted out there by socalled gurus). If we must stay at home for an extended period:

“I have always believed exercise is a key to physical health and peace of mind”

Nelson Mandela (who was imprisoned for 27 years without home-shopping delivery, TV, etc)

His daily routine in his cell included 45 minutes of shadow boxing and running on the spot plus 100 press-ups and 200 sit-ups (he continued after his release).

Mindset is key

See this situation as an opportunity to:

Daily Structure


We don’t get enough quality sleep; deprivation is a real problem. Sleep better and:

Physical Activity

Here are some basic guidelines (basic is OK!)



Read, listen to music, or try some simple breathing exercises if you have healthy lungs.


Try different methods and find what works for you to relax and feed the brain and help posture.

Main message

Set some goals such as:

Good luck, keep healthy, use this opportunity to make a positive change and take these changes forward beyond this crisis.

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