Location of Lost Police Station by John F. Wake

First Bute Street police Station (John F. Wake)

Horrors of the Dead House by John F. Wake

Further investigation takes us deeper into the origins of the docklands area and a police station, or office, that used to stand adjacent to the North and Lowes canal bridge in Bute Street. It was situated two houses north of the hump bridge on the left. There were probably two entrances, one in Bute Street and one in Hope Street which ran in a straight line all the way from the canal bridge in Bute Street, across several other streets including Whitmore Lane (now Custom House Street) to what was then New Street.

Anyone standing at the end of Crichton Place could look directly down to the rear entrance of the police office a few hundred yards away. The location of the original police station and casual ward has been confirmed on only one map so far, dating from 1880, which actually has the Bute Bridge Police Station listed.

In local history circles there is much talk of the Bute Street Police Station, care must taken as to which one is under discussion.

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