Musician, Budapest, Hungary 

We are thrilled to see the community connect. Helping hands are feeding the elders and overwhelmed nurses and doctors. Teachers are giving classes online, coming to terms with this unprecedented situation. Artists, actors and bands are performing live-stream shows. Physicians, trainers, yogis are doing online classes. The community are taking one big step out of their comfort zone.

But how did we get here?

Fear is fed into us! Stress levels increase and are holding us down, taking our freedom and creativity. People are at home, stuck, questions swirling around in their head. The virus is stirring up the swamp and compressing stress into their minds. We are getting tired, our bodies are giving up!

The COVID-19 virus situation forced all venues to close. Universities, schools, preschools and playgrounds are empty. Companies try to survive by sending employees home to work. People hoard supplies, fearing an unknown future.

As a musician, teacher and coach I felt the immediate impact. All my concerts, interactive programs and events were cancelled. Workshops and meetings with clients postponed. My calendar is empty! I have no income! Depression is lying in wait for me!

Why am I doing what I’m doing? What do I stand for? What are my beliefs? Who am I?

The word crisis derives from the Greek word κρίνω (krino) meaning: “To decide, consider, as preferring one thing over another or determining the correctness of a matter”.

The current crisis is an opportunity to consider, decide and take the turning point in our lives.

The lyrics of our song rushed through my spine, challenging me:

The fear of failing, it’s all in your head!
Just stop for a second and take a step back.
Please look for the things you forget.
Lay down, let them take over. 

Breathe in, enjoy!
Listen to your heart pounding full of joy.
Find your balance and take the first step.
Find yourself and take the step!

Breathe In

It’s time to slow down, self-reflect and learn about the possibilities of interactivity and acceptance.

Changing the perspective gave me a broader view of the current situation. This is not about me, nor about a virus. This is about humans as a species, connecting back with ourselves and interacting with the power of unconditional love. Essential! 

We are dealing with a situation never seen before, but the question remains the same: “How can I help?!”

So we sat down with the band, the choir, with fellow teachers and coaches: “Let’s rethink our options, looking forward.”

Support groups formed and calmness arrived! Boosted common creativity showed us the way: “We are all free to improvise and use our skill sets.”

We won’t cancel our performances! Working together with Trip Boat Budapest, an action team worked out the basis for the Quarantine Theatre and we played the first show with the band Deadly Mantis. A coincidently fitting name to start the program series with another “plague”.

The venue can accept 350 people, but the stream was seen by over 12,000 people.

Since then, there has been a show every evening with thousands of viewers online. New Facebook groups have formed with thousands of followers sharing live-streamed shows with each other from all around the world, supporting artists.

We won’t stop teaching and learning! Teachers working together day and night formed new online classes, helping one another to set up their class schedules. Kids are learning from home, engaging in fun extracurricular tasks. Parents see their kids involved and excited about learning in a new way.

The phase of shock is no more. Coming to terms with all these new ideas has slowed us down and stress is slowly dissolving. The new phase of recovery is on its way. Easter will bring us redemption!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

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