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People are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain and that is natural. The key is to have hope and see what things may be like in the future. We cannot make decisions for the future unless we have taken the time to think what the new future may look like.

How may COVID-19 change society and organisations in the future? Well, we don’t know, but there will be changes and many will be positive. 

I have been reflecting on benefits which may come from this.

  1. With people staying in their homes for weeks or even months there will be an increased appreciation of the outdoors and the simple things in life.
  2. There will be an impact on how and if we work and travel. ‘Is there any reason for us to hold this meeting face to face?’ will become a standard question for businesses and individuals. Perhaps collaborative technology will become the new normal.
  3. There has been a greater appreciation of those on the front line – doctors, nurses and key workers putting their lives at risk. This gratitude and appreciation will continue and perhaps lead to increased investment in health services.
  4. Extreme politics and polarisation will potentially come back into more balanced views and constructive ways forward.
  5. We will have time to stop and consider what’s important – who we are and what we stand for, our purpose in life, and many people will make profound changes and take action.
  6. An increase in empathy, giving and support. Communities, families and friends are connecting and reconnecting, mutual aid groups are springing up everywhere. This will help with a reconnection to people rather than the individualistic society that has been growing.
  7. In just a few weeks we have seen the benefit to the planet – Venice’s canals turning blue, dolphins swimming in estuaries and China seeing the stars in their skies. The focus on purposeful organisations and sustainability will increase. 
  8. Organisations will become simpler. Processes, regulations and systems have adapted and increased creativity and collaboration.
  9. Collective intelligence and diversity of thinking has been harnessed to solve some very complex problems at speed and these approaches and skills will continue and evolve.
  10. A healthier approach to technology and our digital lifestyle with people disconnecting and realising the importance of balance and what is important to them in life.
  11. Big Data and science decision-making and the truthful conversations will increase in the political arena as this expectation has now been set. 
  12. Increased levels of trust in people, society, institutions and perhaps even politicians. 
  13. A better understanding of human needs and how to thrive during uncertainty and change. 
  14. Increased collaboration between the corporate world, government and not-for-profit organisations.
  15. Finally, perhaps a more positive society and culture. People are realising if they consume negativity in the media and in their thoughts and conversations it only drives threat and fear; focus on positivity to drive a culture of happiness. 

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