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Leading through Uncertainty | Andy Harmer | #LetsResetNormal


Milenthorpe, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Solution Focus

The current circumstance tells us it’s very easy to be sucked into being focused on the drama, detail and difficulties of problem situations. While it’s tempting to do so (social media & the press encourage us to focus on problems), it’s really important to keep a focus on what you’re trying to achieve or where you want to get to and avoid being drawn into the minutiae of the problems that you’re facing.

With this in mind, focus at the level of vision: what does success look like? Think about how you might bring that vision to life, and think about the plan you’ll need to put in place to make it a reality.

In these early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s likely that people will be drawn into thinking very short term – today, tomorrow, next week. In due course it should be possible to start thinking about the medium and long term – next month, the next two or three months. As the focus switches to the longer term, keep thinking about what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there, developing flexible plans to make it happen.

Leadership in Society

COVID-19 has demonstrated the fragility of society, with people acting in a range of threat responses, and displaying selfishness and thoughtlessness. Equally it has brought to the fore the beauty that is in human nature with people demonstrating great generosity and kindness to others in greater need.

There is a need at all levels in our society for people to act with leadership and in service of the rest of humanity. This means role modelling acceptable behaviours, giving significance to society as a whole and playing a part in shaping the society that we want.

It means holding onto a vision of engaging and appreciating people around us and putting in place the practical ideas that will help society to function and work well.

It means acting and leading with social responsibility.

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Leading through Uncertainty | Andy Harmer | #LetsResetNormal

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