We have a to-do list for the site, and welcome suggestions for improvements and comments about bugs. We can’t promise to fix everything immediately, or to include every suggestion, but we do promise to consider everything you comment on.

This page first created 27/01/2020 and last updated: 31/01/2020.

Update author profile pictures – you can do this yourself – if you haven’t received a login to the site, just ask. However, we will be working through what we have on file.

STATUS: Started 22/01/2020. Author profiles are being worked on, so mages may not be visible yet. We will update this when resolved and follow up where we lack an image/bio.

STATUS 31/01/20: Photos to be re-associated as the plugin changed and it removed them all. All photos are on the server and will be re-assigned when the user profiles are set and stable.

Update Contributor Interview questions and guidelines. By end Jan

STATUS: Interview questions on the Interview Contributor form have been updated and awaiting final approval with Lis.

Link interests on wordcatcher.com with specific pages on Facebook. This means creating dedicated pages for interests on the website to link to the corresponding Wordcatcher Facebook Page and/or Author Pages/Groups.

STATUS: Complete by end of February

Link specific Facebook pages to specific pages on the website. (Reverse of the above.)

STATUS: Complete by the end of February

Add richer metadata to Additional Info. There is more we can tell visitors about books from the metadata.

STATUS: Work in progress

Improve search results. The search toolbar does not return brilliant results (often can’t find authors or names of people outside products).

STATUS: Complete by 14/02/2020. Work in progress.

Newsletter signup form.

STATUS: By end February.

Sell ebooks direct off the site (trial with other company not satisfactory). Resolve DRM issue.

STATUS: By end April. Work in progress to resolve technical issues to prevent piracy.

Launch Author Hub private area on the site. This is to provide information in a more digestible form via the website to authors, rather than on Secret Facebook Group. Will include FAQs and useful resources.

STATUS: Initial version by end March, will be updated regularly.

Add sales reporting and royalty payment details for individuals so they can be accessed at any time. Requires investigation.

STATUS: Implement by end of June for next royalty run. Work underway.

Add non-book gift items (mugs, tote bags, pens, etc).

STATUS: By end May.

Add a second contributor (e.g. author or illustrator) to a book’s page.

STATUS: In progress.

Improve contributor profiles with: improved login, social media links, account management, password reset, and blog posting capability without using WordPress interface.

STATUS: End of February.

STATUS 31/01/2020 In progress.

Allow users/customers to login using social media profiles – Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn, possibly others.

STATUS: End of February. In progress.

STATUS 30/01/2020 Twitter added for new registrations

Create attractive Directory and display only data for public.

STATUS: End of February. In progress.

Install, test and run Live Chat facility.

STATUS: Trialled two, now on third – work in progress.

Install, test and run Messaging facility. Contributors will be able to message each other via the site in a similar way to Facebook, but without the intrusive advertising and feeds.

STATUS: By end March. Trialling a system, work in progress.

Proofread entire site for typos, formatting and consistency. Undertake once bulk of work is done to fixed pages, products, posts, categories.

STATUS: By end April.

Check all products with more than one variant (e.g. paperback, hardback, different sizes) to ensure they are all listed and work properly.

STATUS: By end February.

Migrate author support to the website where authors can open a ticket and we can both track responses and close issues when completed.

STATUS: By end June.


Load c.500 reader reviews from past versions of wordcatcher.com.

STATUS: Start work w/c 20/01/2020.

COMPLETED 24/01/2020

Add posts/articles previously emailed – Start 22/01, with staggered publication dates to keep the site ticking over and ensure posts don’t get immediately buried.

STATUS: All posts emailed prior to 22/01 have been added to the site as Drafts, ready to finalise and post from 1st February. Note that new posts sent via form on the website, or added direct, will enter a queue for posting and may not appear immediately.

COMPLETED: 31/01/2020

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