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Isolation | Ralph Jones | #LetsResetNormal


Poet, United Kingdom

Sitting here in isolation
Locked away from this virus infecting our nation
Prime Minister on our television screens
Supermarkets rationing toilet rolls and baked beans

News reports showing deserted cities
Hospitals running to full capacity
Army on standby
Aeroplanes unable to fly

As this virus enters town after town
Bars and clubs recommended to close down
The whole world it seems is in relapse
Economy on the brink of collapse

Gymnasiums to close, no more fitness kicks!
Community centres, close, no more tea and bics?
Coffee shops closed, except for takeaway
Government promising to compensate workers’ pay

Experts telling us about the social contact you make
People elbow bumping, instead of handshakes
Wash your hands, keep yourself clean
Is this just basic hygiene?

But this is hygiene on a higher alert
We are not talking about grease or dirt
This is a killer virus
A virus that can kill the vulnerable amongst us

Restaurants, bars and clubs must close we are told
To help stop this virus getting a hold
With elderly people being told to stay indoors
Maybe for three months or more!

Supermarkets shelves being stripped bare
With no sanitising projects there
Toilet paper being bought like it’s going out of fashion!
Baby foods being stockpiled, by people with no compassion

But go to the online auction sites
The prices have more than tripled overnight
These people who prey on the vulnerable for greed
At a time when we should be helping those in need

Where have the days of community spirit gone
We should be helping those with nobody to depend on
The aged, the disabled, the mentally infirm, those all alone
So, we can’t visit, but we can pick up the phone

See an ambulance driver in a white gown and a mask!
Going about his everyday tasks
Tell your friends about what you just saw
It could have been a scene from a nuclear war

Doctors and nurses almost on the floor
Schools told to close their doors
Parents to keep children at home
It could be a scene from home alone

But this is no film, this is a living nightmare
A killer virus is out there
We have all got to pull together
Before this virus puts us all in isolation forever

So, let’s all stop this panic buying
Let’s give the message that we all are trying
The doctors and the nurses also need to eat
And if we all pull together, this is an enemy we can beat

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Isolation | Ralph Jones | #LetsResetNormal

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