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I Focus on my Life Rather than Covid-19 | Sabrina Park | #LetsResetNormal


Seoul, South Korea

Four years ago I had cancer surgery. I didn’t take any medication or have radiation afterwards; I just decided to focus on my life rather than the cancer. My life is the most important thing to me. I treated my illness like it was my best friend; I wrote letters and talked to it: “Thank you for coming into my life.” That gave me a lot of insight into myself and my life.

I see the Covid-19 in the same way as I did my cancer. I started to speak to it and focus on my life rather than the virus. 

Now, I don’t have much coaching. My income is low but what I do have is time. As a coach, I asked myself a question: “If I didn’t have to work or earn money, what would I want to do now?” I got an answer: “Live life.”

Now, I enjoy being in the moment more, sharing my positive energy for the people in the world online, and taking care of people around me. I also have time to meet a friend who feels lonely, have lunch and take a walk together.

What I learned and experienced from Covid-19 is enormous: We are human beings and we are strong and wise enough to live with this.

1) The environment always shows me who I am. As a coach, I focus on my true presence and show who I am, not on Covid-19.

2) We are connected in the world, we are one. So, if I keep peace in my mind, the world will be at peace. 

What I want to tell people is: Covid-19 does not kill our life, but the perspective about the Covid-19 kills our life. Let’s show our best self to ourselves in daily life. Thank you for being there and I love you!  Thank you for reading my humble words.

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I Focus on my Life Rather than Covid-19 | Sabrina Park | #LetsResetNormal

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