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‘Full of hope and joy’ | Mixed Feelings: A True Story, by Lis McDermott

I usually know, within the first chapter of a book, whether I am going to enjoy it or not. If not then I go no further. This book I couldn’t put down for very long. It was easy to read but not childish. So interesting to read the intimate details of two people, their lives from childhood,(the good and the not-so-good), and their eventual coming-together to form a bond so strong it is to be admired. Lis speaks candidly of her life before meeting Conrad, her trials and difficulties as well as her joys and successes. The world would see this relationship as an absolute disaster in so many ways, but no! The world is wrong this time. A fantastically good read, a happy ending that continues, and an insight into what was going on in the world as their lives develop. Loved it!

L B., 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk.

Uplifting story of love embracing difference.

This book is a feel good, easy read about two people – from different backgrounds and ages – who fell in love. The context of their love really sets the scene. At a time when there is a lot of disruption and strife in the UK around immigration and a lot of nonsense spoken around it – it’s good to remember that there are always stories like Lis & Conrad. People who fall in love and make it work through mutual respect, support and embracing their differences. This book is a reminder that people and their ordinary lives matter and sharing stories like this enriches all of us.

Steve, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk.

An inspirational read.

A beautiful book, beautifully written. I loved this book. Easy to read and an ideal read over a cuppa. A book about true love and how two soul mates found each other. Their life stories intertwine throughout the book leading to the moment they met, fell in love and then the consequent struggles and prejudices they faced because of colour and age difference. A book full of hope and joy, their love shines through each page. Bravely written and I like the historical view at the beginning of each decade. A lot of research there. A book which proves that love conquers all and has no boundary whatsoever. This book would make a lovely stocking filler – but make sure you read it first.

Mary, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

Twelve years apart in age and growing up with very different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, Lis and Conrad meet on the dance floors of Cheltenham. On paper they should have nothing in common… Mixed Feelings is an unusual and lively story, challenging society’s fixed ideas and helping forge a way for the next generation. Mixed Feelings: A True Story is the true story of their love and lives.

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‘Full of hope and joy’ | Mixed Feelings: A True Story, by Lis McDermott

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