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‘Fabulous, witty and inventive’ | A Jewel for a Jacobite, by Bronwen Hughes

Lovely romance with a strong storyline.

I really enjoyed this book. I read a LOT of romance books and I get a bit fed up of the constant internal conflict between hero and heroine (lots of bickering usually!). So I loved the simple, sweet and quickly developed romance between Catrin and Simon. But the romance didn’t dominate the story and there’s a lot to keep you interested. The characters are well developed, and even the minor characters are nicely fleshed out. Old Meg the witch was my favourite. The dialogue style is fascinating because it is an English translation of how Welsh is spoken so I could almost “hear” the Welsh even though it was English. Lovely historical details add a vivid quality too. Well written and gripping.

minkymonky, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk.


A fabulous, witty and inventive read that transports you to a hidden place within your head and then seduces you with the written word.

The Mighty Hutchins, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

Well researched with great [s]ensitivity.

Very sensitively written well researched able to feel inside the feelings of the central characters

Michael A Hughes, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

It’s Christmas morning 1715, Catrin discovers a Jacobite fugitive on a Welsh mountain. Now she is placed in mortal danger and is no longer sure who she can trust. The new farm hand, Jenkyn, is an enigma, and even her loyal maid, Jenette, places her in peril. Set in pre-industrial Rhondda, A Jewel for a Jacobite is a tale of deception, suspicion, treachery and love.

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‘Fabulous, witty and inventive’ | A Jewel for a Jacobite, by Bronwen Hughes

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