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‘Evocative, uncompromising and tenacious’| The Fly Guy, by Colum Sanson-Regan

A triumphant first effort by writer Colum Sanson-Regan! A must-read for fans of dark fiction.

The Fly Guy is the first book by writer Colum Sanson-Regan, you’ll be following the life of Martin Tripp who when we join him; holds down a night-job in a sleazy bar, and works out of his shell of a 1-bed apartment writing short stories. Like his apartment, Martin Tripp’s life is empty, his stories are all he has… that is until his newly sparked love interest asks him to move in, and Martin finds himself writing more than ever before – he eventually grabs the attention of a well-known occult magazine with a series of short stories involving detective ‘Henry Bloomberg’

Henry Bloomburg is made for private detective work, he lives in the shadows, has an exceptional eye for detail and has no attachments. Just like Martin, Henry lives an empty existence apart from his work; hunting whatever murderous psychopaths his clients or the local police are too inept to deal with themselves.

Everything seems to be going well for Martin Tripp, until one day he catches Henry Bloomburg at work …has Martin allowed himself to become so absorbed by his work that he can no longer tell real life from his fiction?

I loved the characters in this book, and saw a bit of some people I knew in them, which helped make them feel real to me. This is a dark book, there were a few parts that made me laugh, it has tarantino style quality in it’s portrayal of extreme violence and has some disturbing sexual content, but nothing that doesn’t add to the charm of this tale, which really kept me guessing right up until the end… at times you will go back and re-read sections of the book, analysing clues left by the author that made me feel like a detective myself!

Mark Bowie, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

Couldn’t put it down.

I haven’t read a novel to the end for about two years, not because I dislike reading, but none have held my attention long enough; life got in the way and I ended up losing track of plotlines and putting the books aside, never to be picked up again.

That was until last week when my copy of The Fly Guy arrived. I began reading it on the Friday morning and pretty much didn’t put it down until I finished the lot a few days later.

I found the book thoroughly gripping with great twists and turns. The characters were so real I felt as though I knew them personally, and the way the author described their experiences was so detailed I was completely immersed in their world.

I look forward to reading more of Colum’s work in the future.

francesca dimech, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

A thrilling and kaleidoscopic psychology experiment, ‘The Fly Guy’ is evocative, uncompromising and tenacious. Evocative because it produces a reality which is at once vividly familiar and yet unsettlingly distorted. Uncompromising because it may challenge, appal or even disgust you, without you ever wishing to opt out of the experience. Tenacious because it is the kind of novel that keeps you guessing while you’re reading, and stays in your head once you’ve finally put the book down. Highly recommended reading.

Franz Kafka noted that one should only read novels that bite you and sting you. ‘The Fly Guy’ would have kept him awake at night.

D L Pressley, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

The Fly Guy has received rave reviews from readers. In this masterful work of fiction, you follow Martin Tripp, an author whose creation, Henry Bloomberg, insinuates himself in his real-world life. Sometimes savage, sometimes funny, this debut novel is a real page-turner. Complex characters and sharply written scenes challenge the reader to uncover the difference between reality and imagination.

Buy The Fly Guy from Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, or from your preferred retailer: geni.us/fly-guy

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‘Evocative, uncompromising and tenacious’| The Fly Guy, by Colum Sanson-Regan

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