A definite read for those who have, or want a life.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who does or doesn’t enjoy poetry. It makes you look at life in a new and thoughtful way. No matter how mundane life seems to be there is something joyous or funny to be gleaned from it. So if you have a few spare moments, find a little corner, sit down and enjoy Julie Croad’s take on every day situations.

Beryl Johnson, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk.

A very talented writer. Brilliant poetry, I had to read from cover to cover, couldn’t put the book down!!! Who would think poems about ‘sheds’ could be so hilarious!!!

Susan Williams, 5 out of 5 stars. Verified Purchase on Amazon.co.uk.

This book of poetry can make you laugh and cry. Julie approaches poetry with a down to earth attitude.

A pleasure to read.

Alex P., 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk.

The Important Things in Life (but not necessarily in the right order), is a collecting featuring an eclectic mix of poetry styles, mostly humorous, about ordinary, everyday experiences that affect us all. Some of the poems are serious, and others don’t rhyme. I think everyone can write poetry – if you’ve lived you have stories to share. I hope you’ll find some smiles, and maybe some pauses for thought, from reading my poems.

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