Over the past couple of weeks, I have posted several short, Q&A-style video interviews with Denis G. Campbell about the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, for its tenth-year anniversary. While that series continues tomorrow, for today, we have a bonus video.

In this clip, I ask Denis to talk about another of his books, Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully – 45 Shameful Weeks of POTUS 45. This is a particularly potent work now, as Trump prepares to leave the White House on Wednesday, 20 January.

Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully is a timeline, as is Breathing Hope and Fear, which centres on the first 45 weeks of US President 45. I’ll let the extract give you a flavour.

An extract from Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully

He [Donald Trump] causes many to feel physically ill when they see him on television.

His voice makes small children and pets cry and hide.

His high-pitched delivery is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

His incoherent word-salad answers elicits shrugs trying to figure out what he just said or meant.

He is the quintessential “Mean Girl” taking decisions simply to hurt the cause of his opponents.

His pettiness and desire for a result has shown the world his fundamental lack of discipline.

His sole accomplishment in seven months is appointing a Supreme Court Justice to a stolen seat.

His legislative agenda lies in ruins.

He is prepared to shut the government down if he does not get funding for “The Wall” between the US and Mexico (that Mexico was supposed to pay for?)

Yet his rabid fans’ blind loyalty bewilders us all.

Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, daily shows the characteristics of a man suffering from mental illness. He is the love-child of Hamlet and King Lear, cousin to Ivan the Terrible and the Visigoths. Yet, his hand sits firmly atop the launch trigger of the most powerful nuclear arsenal on Earth.

He antagonizes, insults, cajoles and engages in Twitter pissing matches with nuclear powers; China, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, arguably, has been the lesser insane leader in this melodrama, backing away from his threat to destroy Guam, but still poking him with missile launches to nowhere. It’s almost as if even he realizes, damn, this dude’s crazy!

He picks fights with members of Congress… from his own party… using words most could not say to their worst enemy, let alone their supposed ally.

He will do anything to destroy President Obama’s legacy, because he knows he can never live up to it. His twisted logic seems to be; if I destroy it, it never existed.

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About the author

Denis has provided Americas, Middle East and business commentary to global television networks (BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC), radio (BBC, China International Radio) and various magazines and newspapers for the last 14 years. An American/British journalist and author, he is based in Wales. Denis was significantly involved in covering the 25 January Egyptian Revolution at the time.

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