So good that I bought his other book!

This book sets out an intriguing and thought-provoking collection of free-form or half rhyme poetry built around Philip John’s reflections on the world. Some are powerful, some moving and some deeply personal; they span nature, the environment, politics and time. Philip brings a Welsh Valleys perspective to the poetry of a boringly London-centric nation.

If you’re at home alone on a cold evening, this is a good book to sit down in front of the fire with a hot drink to exploit the peace and quiet down to the last syllable.

PS. I love the book’s fabulous and appropriate dedication.

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The poetry of Philip John in ‘Searching for Seahorses’ brings the reader on a journey that reflects on and explores important themes of life and with this in mind I especially liked how the final poem is entitled ‘The Journey’. As if we are now asked to continue the journey as more responsible and more aware and concerned inhabitants of this world… “The world’s greatest journey and it is yours”.

There are so many wonderful poems such as My Seahorse, Wild Lake, The Fulling Mill, Finding Solace and lines that remained with me days after reading this collection of poems include “Sundrop: That’s where I’m going one day, And maybe you’ll come with me.”

“Wild Lake :Thoughts are emptying to sculpt canyons from the earth,”

The Fulling Mill “We stopped and, eye to eye, saw the world in each other – alive yet still”

Highly recommend this wonderfully written heart felt poetry book and look forward to finding more books by this author in the future.

Yvonne Brewer, Cork, Ireland, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on

Destined to Be a Classic.

Searching for Seahorses is a powerful collection of poetry that left me asking myself some important questions about life and how to improve it for everyone. Obviously, the poet is passionate about nature and climate change but his work reaches well beyond that one theme. As well as delving into the implications of humanity’s greed and our increasing detachment from nature, it also talks about class issues in society and exposes pockets of optimism you see in everyday life that lead the reader to believe that humanity, for all its faults, can still redeem itself. I have no doubt that one day this poet will become a staple name on English Literature degree syllabuses.

Daniel Parsons, 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed on

Searching for Seahorses is a collection of poems that will take you on a powerful exploration of the human condition, examining our relationship with nature and each other. John’s follow up to Home Truths poses questions about the future we are handing over to the next generation along with some heart-warming poems about love, happiness, redemption, and the journey of life.

The collection has received very high praise indeed. Reviewers have picked up on the literary value and reflective nature of the collection.

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