In this video, the final in the series, I ask Denis whether another revolution could happen anytime soon in Egypt.

Denis is pessimistic about the prospect of a future uprising in Egypt or the broader Middle East, unless coronavirus causes poverty beyond what existed in 2011. Even so, he feels that, across the region, it is not out of the question that the many tensions at play could cause something to happen.

An extract from Breathing Hope and Fear

Hassan Abdelrafea Aladawy is one of 379 prisoners sentenced in January [2018] during a mass trial. After five years without formal charge he will spend fifteen years in prison. He is the nephew of Ahmed Tharwat (pictured overleaf with a poster of Hassan), a good friend of our podcast and magazine. He is founder and owner of AHMediaTV. Ahmed was born in Egypt and has strong familial and business ties to the region. Ahmed and I celebrated the Revolution together in 2011 and then watched in horror Egypt’s rapid descent into an authoritarian hellhole over the last seven years.

The brutal regime of President Abdel Fatttah el-Sisi, so beloved by President Trump is now facing a real challenge in upcoming elections this year. El-Sisi resorted to dictator strongman tactics to suppress votes and eliminate opposing political parties and politicians.

After seven long years, the people of Egypt deserve better. Hassan does too. Ahmed Tharwat:

Today (8 January 2018)… my nephew was sentenced to 15 years for being a child, standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Government says his crime was ‘disturbing public safety, and refusing a police order.’

My Nephew was 17-years-old at the time of his arrest, a lovely child full of life and dreams. Now, five years later, he is a destroyed, disillusioned, angry young man.

I talked to his family, Mum is devastated, Dad resigned, and his sister is putting on a brave face. Please give a word of encouragement to his family, and the families of thousands of other political prisoners. Egypt is like a pack of wolves eating her own children.

This is the real casualty of the Egyptian uprising. Mass-trials, mass government killings, mass suppression of speech and thought, and mass fear.

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Egyptian Revolution 10th Anniversary Series with Denis G. Campbell

In this tenth-anniversary video series, I sit down with Denis G. Campbell, author of Breathing Hope and Fear: Egypt Since 2011, to discuss what led up to the 25 January Revolution, what the key moments were during it, why it failed, and the learnings we can take from it. I also ask him directly about his book: why write about Egypt, and why use the innovative tweet-based style he did? Posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until the 26th – and, of course, on 25 January itself – I attach a relevant excerpt from Breathing Hope and Fear.

  1. What Caused the Egyptian Revolution of 2011?
  2. Why Did the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 Ultimately Fail?
  3. Why Write About Egypt?
  4. Why Did You Structure Your Book Like This?
  5. What Has Changed in Egypt Since 2018?
  6. What Has Changed in Egypt Since 2011?
  7. What Is the Most Memorable Moment of the 2011 Revolution?
  8. How Did You Come to Be Personally Involved in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011?
  9. Do You Have Any Other Works?
  10. One Key Takeaway for Westerners
  11. Could Another Egyptian Revolution Happen Soon?

About the author

Denis has provided Americas, Middle East and business commentary to global television networks (BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC), radio (BBC, China International Radio) and various magazines and newspapers for the last 14 years. An American/British journalist and author, he is based in Wales. Denis was significantly involved in covering the 25 January Egyptian Revolution at the time.

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