Due to COVID-19 we are operating with limited resources.Please anticipate delays on responses to messages, and in delivery times for books. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please complete the following Contributor Interview questions as fully as possible. Lis McDermott is our roving reporter, and she’ll follow up with you if there’s any additional information required. Please allow time for her to review it and get in touch.

Interviews are posted on Wednesdays, so they need to be scheduled well in advance as we normally have a few in advance. While we can’t guarantee a publication date, we’ll work with you to synchronise with your marketing activities.

Items marked with a red star are required. We won’t publish your email address, please include it and don’t assume we have it for the purpose of completing this interview.

We won't disclose this in the interview.
Exactly as it appears on your profile / book(s).
Tick as many that apply as you like, but try to keep this interview focussed.
How would you like to to introduce the interview? Does it coincide with a book launch, anniversary, or some other event that makes it topical. If you were being interviewed by Graham Norton, how would he introduce you?
Name names, it's good to acknowledge influences and give them a name-check. Why did they influence you?
People are interested in how creatives function. Share a bit of your process.
Who are you writing for - describe the specific types of people who read your book (or you hope will read it).
Blow your own trumpet! If you don't love what you're doing, why should anyone else? What have you created that gave you pleasure, enjoyment or fulfillment?
You might broaden this out not to be just the last week, especially if your post might not go up for several weeks or even months. This is about talking about the world around you and how you react to it. Don't be afraid to state your opinions.
Hobbies and activities unrelated to writing, art, etc. It gives people other things to connect with you.
This talks about your legacy. However old our young you are, what would you like your work to leave behind?
This is an opportunity to talk about anything else that's on your mind. It will either appear as a paragraph without a question, or you can ask yourself a question and answer that. It's good to finish the interview with some kind of summary or conclusion that sums up your work (however hard that might be!).
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please upload 1-5 images to use in the post. Ideally, you doing something relevant and things that relate to your answers.
Please don't expect this to be published in a matter of days. We schedule interviews for Wednesdays and prioritise authors with releases that week, and the week's Featured Author. Please plan well in advance. We are happy to accommodate where possible, and to coordinate with your marketing activities. (Other types of post have more flexibility with regards to release date.) Please enter OK to signify you understand this, and are happy for it to be added to the schedule, if a specific date isn't required.

(form last updated 27/01/2020)

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