Auxillium Press

Auxillium Press is our imprint for self-published authors. Authors retain control of editiorial content and design decisions. We provide the services and skills needed to help an author complete their goal of getting their book into print and distribution.

Some of the authors we work with publish independently, and we support them to the degree they request.

Fizzy Pop Creative

Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd acquired Fizzy Pop Creative Ltd in January, 2019.

Fizzy Pop was the creation of Mark Jones as a new enterprise to promote himself as an author, and he quickly attracted other authors and illustrators. Mark decided to concentrate on writing and Wordcatcher stepped in to handle the publishing, and to take on the authors. This has led to an increase in Mark’s output as an author, and improvement in service for his authors, who now deal with Wordcatcher.

All Fizzy Pop titles are re-released under Wordcatcher Publishing or Onion Custard Kids imprints, and have benefitted from additional editiorial and design changes.

Following integration of authors and titles into Wordcatcher Publishing, Fizzy Pop Creative Ltd was officially closed in January 2020.

Bevan Commission

The Bevan Commission is a think-tank for developing and advising the National Health Service (NHS).We provide a suite of publishing services to help them reach a wider audience for their ideas.

Indie Authors

We support a number of indie authors, providing the services they need, whether it’s a book cover, an edit, or some other publishing service.

David Lawrence
Dan Parsons
Olivia Rippington

I Am Woman Publishing

I Am Woman is a woman-only networking organisation, and Wordcatcher handles all of their publishing under this imprint. They produce anthologies aimed at business people, with inspiring and educational pieces from their members.

Kids4Kids / Pen and Ink Designs

These two imprints are the creation of Ann Brady. We work in partnership to assist her in producing both her own work as an author, and also work for other authors. Kids4Kids is focused on children’s books – and developing child-authors. Pen and Ink is for YA and adult audiences.