When there is no escape from poverty, no social security, no hope for the future, extreme criminal activities take place.

Thomas Rees, just 11 years old in 1907, was swimming in the Glamorgan Canal at the old sea lock, opposite fruit warehouses when a hankie just showing just above the surface drew his attention. Pulling on the hankie he was shocked to find it was attached to a skeleton, the flesh on the small body virtually eaten away by crabs and rats. He swam immediately to the canal side as fast as he could and ran for a policeman.

It was PC Watkins who gathered the infants skeleton together and placed it on the dockside. WATKINS. who was used to pulling out the bodies of both newborns and adults drowning victims alike from the canal, took the skeleton was to a ‘Dead House’, where, with no chance of identification other then that the body belonged to a baby girl, a local undertaker was tasked with burying the child in a paupers grave at Cathays Cemetery.

The grave was marked ‘UNKNOWN’.

Who was it and who threw it in the canal and why? A mystery lost in the mists of time.  

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