It’s Friday, so it’s time for some fun! Every Friday we have something you to help you get rested and relaxed for the weekend, from word searches to crosswords.

This is another one for the publishers among you out there. We hope readers and authors will have a go too, because some of the answers being unfamiliar to you will make it that much more of a challenge!


2 a font where all characters occupy the same width (9)

5 a printing press which prints single sheets of paper, not rolls (5,3)

6 right-hand page of an open book – The normal side to start a story or chapter (5)

7 paper generally more than 200gsm (5)

8 trimmed pages before a cover is added (4,5)

9 a large dot preceding text (6)

11 type of press that uses rolls of paper rather than pages (3,5)

14 machine readable, still used on cheques (8,3)

15 popular format for Adobe Acrobat reader for text and graphic material (3)

17 in newsprint, central blank area between left and right pages. With books, the inside margins toward the binding edge (6)

19 page count in a book (6)

20 finished size (4,4)

21 measure of thickness of paper in thousandths of an inch or number of pages per inch (4)


1 also cloth bind or hard cover Bind using glue to a board cover (4,5)

2 Information attached to digital data to enhance its searchability, but not normally displayed (8)

3 process to divide continuous-tone colour images into four half-tone negatives (6,10)

4 the rough visual for a design (4-2)

10 letters joined to a single bit of type connecting stroke in handwriting (8)

11 design created inside paper surface during manufacture (9)

12 Books in a publisher’s catalogue that are not being actively promoted but are still in print and availabl (8)

13 copies printed beyond the specified number, perhaps to be sold at a much lower price (3,2)

16 book pages discoloured with brownish marks (5)

18 print fewer copies than ordered (6)

Did you pick up any new terms to slide in and impress your friends in the writing and publishing business next time you speak to them? Leave us a comment telling us which!

If you’re ready to find out the answers, click here.

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