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Challenging Crossword for Authors #2 | Friday Fun

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It’s Friday, so it’s time for some fun! Every Friday we have something you to help you get rested and relaxed for the weekend, from word searches to crosswords.

This is our second challenging crossword for authors. I think we’ve ramped it up a little this time, but I know you’re all more than ready to set your brains to work!


1 small letters (9)

2 typefaces with no serifs and broad even strokes (6)

5 a set of characters in a typeface (4)

7 typographical error (4)

9 a square unit with edges equal to the chosen point size, named from the letter M which was the widest letter (2,4)

10 caption below an illustration or directions about a how to position an illustration (6)

12 a unit of thickness for paper (5)

13 add definition (2,4)

14 the original handwritten or typewritten work (10)

17 a small cross stroke at the end of the main stroke of the letter (5)

19 sent to the media and people with the hope that they will publish a review or promote the book (see also Desk copy) (6,4)

20 the negotiated right of assignment for plot, characters or place in a book (6)

21 total number of pages including blank pages (4,5)

22 person or organisation representing authors and selling their work (8,5)


1 copy aligned to left margin (4,7)

3 part of a paragraph on its own at the top or bottom of a page (6)

4 protection to the originator of material to prevent use without their permission (9)

6 proportion of height to width thought to produce the most pleasing result (6,5)

8 the number of characters i.e. letters, figures, signs or spaces in a piece of copy (9,5)

11 a typefaces that resembles handwriting (7)

15 as in first revise, second revise indicates the stages of corrections (6)

16 main text not including the headlines (4)

17 proof correction cancels a correction i.e. let the original copy stand (4)

18 Diary-style personal website (4)

Do you agree that this crossword for authors was more challenging than the last? Drop us a comment letting us know, along with which clue was hardest.

If you’re ready to find out the answers, click here.

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Challenging Crossword for Authors #2 | Friday Fun

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