Such a talented poet, well written and incredibly thought provoking!

I have never read a poetry book before but this book was fantastic, I read it in one sitting! Absolutely loved the themes and underlying meanings behind minimalism, priorities we set for ourselves in life and the genuine insight into todays reality. Overall, an incredibly thought provoking and well written book, my first poetry book but first of many I hope. Would highly recommend and would like to read more material from Philip, a highly talented writer.

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A witty modern classic

I read this poetry book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. The themes of minimalism, human greed, newfound adulthood, the struggles of social media and a longing for the past really resonated with me. The poet, Philip John, talks about ubiquitous, modern ideas but with a charming style that is similar to the Romantic poets I studied at university. The poems are accessible and frank in their message but deliver some really original turns of phrase and a lot of emotive imagery. A perfect read with a biscuit and a cup of tea.

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Home truths is the breath of fresh air that modern day poetry desperately needs. Philip’s passion for world issues and sustainability really shines through and has inspired me to make a conscious effort to live a more ethical, healthy, sustainable life and appreciate the little things in life we all take for granted.

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Released in 2018, Home Truths certainly made a difference to its readers’ lives. Indeed, it was one reviewer’s first-ever poetry book, and he loved it!

Home Truths will unplug you from the distractions of modern society so that you can truly admire the world we have been gifted with and the potential consequences of the inherent greed of the human race. Reflecting on our journey so far and taking time to appreciate what we have, the poems will challenge the way you view the world and encourage you to think about the way you live your own life.

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